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The Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department completed and handed over to prosecutors on Tuesday its investigation into pop star Justin Bieber and the May 28 brawl he had with a photographer, Celebuzz can exclusively reveal.

“The case was just passed off to the D.A.’s office... it is up to the D.A. if they press charges,” Nicole Nishida, a sheriff's public information officer, confirmed.

The District Attorney of Los Angeles County will now decide whether Bieber, 18, will face criminal prosecution for an altercation at at a suburban shopping centre in Calabasas, Calif., in front of girlfriend Selena Gomez, 19.

The sheriff would not comment whether Bieber or Gomez were interviewed or not, though a source told Celebuzz eyewitnesses were indeed questioned.

In a twist of fate, the development comes on the same day Bieber's new album 'Believe' launched. The Canadian pop singer could face up to six months in jail if he is charged and convicted of the alleged crime.

It is commonplace for police to refer high-profile cases to prosecutors.

Celebuzz was first to reveal the name of the photographer involved in the incident, Jose Sarros, who in an exclusive interview on May 29 said: “I don’t have a lawyer — yet. The report that I spoke to a lawyer is a lie. But I cannot talk more about what happened.”

When Sarros was contacted on Monday, he first pretended he was someone else before saying he could not speak about the incident.

“I can’t talk,” Sarros said when asked if he knew what the latest developments were in the police probe.

Sarros told sheriff’s deputies Bieber struck him in the face during the scuffle.

He complained of pain and requested medical attention. Sheriff’s official, at the time of the incident, said the unidentified photographer was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was treated and later released.

Another witnesses to the incident told ABC News that the photographer was blocking Bieber’s car, leading to the star’s reaction.

“They were stopping him from leaving the parking lot and that made him really mad,” onlooker Summer Janis said.

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  • techie

    Now that we know who the Photographer is, we should all start sending him death threats. We seriously need to ruin this Photographers life. He has no respect for anyone else obviously doesn't care about anyone else but himself. It's time for you to be stalked. I'm very gay and want to Rape you Jose Sarros. Don't be surprised if your home seems to have been broken into. :)

  • Ter

    I find it ironic that the papparazzi can be above the law as they stalk people, take photos of them and post them online without the permission of the people involved, as well as put civilians in danger by their reckless driving, yet when someone stands up for themselves THEY are the ones at fault.

  • po93493

    someone needs to teach these Canadians a lesson. the little girllyman here has let this fame thing get to his head. could this be life bitchslapping him back to earth and reality

  • JBsAngel_Kat

    its important that he doesnt feel like he is above the law and untouchable. so he cant just be like "im on tour lol no i am busy" and then go to another country. but HE HAS to comply because otherwise i dont want his tour to be cancelled! but i really do believe his privacy should be respected he already pays a high toll and he doesnt get any bloody privacy. leave him alone FACCKK