Mike Tyson on ‘TODAY’: ‘I Was A Prostitute Hunter’ and Other Shocking Revelations (VIDEO)

Celebs Gone Broadway
Who left the big screen for the stage?
Next month, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will head to Broadway, of all places, for a limited engagement one-man show about his life, titled ‘Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth.’

Tyson spoke about the show, which will run from July 31 through Aug. 5, Tuesday morning on TODAY, during which he made a number of surprising revelations — even for him — about his life has changed over the years.

Hint: Tyson says he’s now a vegan.

Below, check out the three most headline-grabbing soundbites from the interview, which also featured the show’s producer, Spike Lee.

1.) Tyson will be “naked” on stage — sort of
When asked by anchor Ann Curry about how candid he will be on stage, the boxing icon revealed, “I’m pretty naked there; I’m pretty bare there.” To which Lee quickly explained: “Not literally.” Whew.

2.) Tyson is now a self-described “wimp”
After years of being a self-touted bad boy, Tyson — who married Lakiha Spicer in 2009 — says he’s calmed down considerably in the last few years, going so far as to admit that he is now a “wimp.”

“Now I’m a wimp, and trying to avoid arguments and letting my wife get away with the stupidest stuff,” he said.

3.) He’s also a vegan
Tyson cited many personal hiccups, including, um, a lot of time spent with women, as the reasons for switching to a different diet.

“I threw up the white flag,” he said. “There were too many prison cells, too many jails, too many lawsuits, too many bankruptcies, too many women, too many venereal diseases, too many everything … I was a prostitute-hunter.”

During a press conference Monday, Tyson elaborated on what his one-man show will look like, revealing:

It’s about me being on stage and being pretty raw. Not necessarily raw in a vulgar sense … I’m just naked and vulnerable, and I’m just telling you who I am and where I’m from and how this happened and how I lose all this damn money and how I had all these children and how I go to prison and, you know, you know what happened guys, right?

His show will run at the Longacre Theater, which most recently housed the production of the Tony-nominated play Magic/Bird, about the life of legendary NBA players Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

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