'Mrs. Eastwood and Company' Star Dina Eastwood: Our Daughters Won't End Up Like Paris Hilton

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Mrs. Eastwood and Company star Dina Eastwood, the wife of legendary Hollywood star Clint Eastwood, has admitted her greatest fear is "disappointing my husband" with their reality television show.

In a new interview, the 46-year-old E! network star opened up about the pressure the family has faced since the show premiered on May 20, and in the process, took a subtle swipe at Tinsel town's other reality royalty: She is pledging that daughters Morgan and Francesca, the actor's 19-year-old daughter with Titanic actress Frances Fisher, won't become like Paris Hilton.

"I don't regret doing the show at all but I did have regretful moments, the cameras put your life on acid," Dina said.

"It does stuff to your reality. I thought: 'We don't argue like this,' but then I realize that it makes for great TV and that's what we signed up for.

"My motivation was purely to promote the band (Overtone, the South African boy band that she manages) but when we started taping, it became more interesting for them to tape my daughters, who have enjoyed it a lot.

"They won't become like the Hiltons, they will never have that kind of access to money. They both have proper jobs."

Whilst five-time Oscar winner Clint has not featured on the show, he is expected to perform a cameo at some point.

Dina said the Million Dollar Baby star is her hero and continues to defy his age.

"He's 82 years old, he's a genetic miracle," she told Reveal magazine in the U.K. "He flies himself in a helicopter, then pays 18 holes of golf and then directs a movie.

"He had to open up and let me do this TV with show with love. He allowed cameras into his house and let his name be used on a reality show, so I don't want to mess anything up.

"He's such a good man and I hope that my daughters find a man like him."

Mrs. Eastwood and Company airs on E! Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.



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  • Lupe

    I;ve seen almost all the episodes and I cant EVER imagine my kids being embaressed of me like the way Morgan makes her mother cry. Almost every episode I've seen so far has always been Morgan getting upset about "small" issues dat really dont matter. I wouldnt be embarressed dat my mom helped a person who had a lit cigerette under his car & it could of started a fire! I would of been proud of my mother dat she didnt allow people to stop her from doing what she felt was right & instead of her daughter Morgan being proud of her for trying to stop a bad fire from happening or explosion, Morgan was more concerned and embarressed dat 2 guys from her school had seen her mom do dat?I would of shouted to those guys "yeah. dats my mom and proud of it!"! Morgan is sooo blessed dat her mother Dina is such a fun, loving mother.Some youth complain dat dey dont get enough attention from dere parents and den u have some youth like Morgan dat say they have too much attention from her mom? Either way I dont blame Dina for crying to her maid/best-friend becuz she feels dat she cant win either way. I pray dat God continues to give Dina the strength to be who God made her to be and not allow teen-age tantrums to change her beautiful big heart she has 1st for God, her family and anyone else in need(even animals like pigs & turtles)..Morgan should stop making her mom feel so bad and she could be homeschooled or have a private tutor teach her at home if she feels dat she cant handle ANY extra attention dat she may have becuz her parents are famous and instead of seeing dat as a minus I would be sooo happy to have a life that I dont have to want for nothing ,not have to work in fields etc and have both parents dat luv me so much alive and well in my life becuz wen dey pass away one day as we all will, Morgan will feel the void of not having dat embarressing ,silly whatever else words she calls her mom whenever she throws a fit and poor Dina always seems to have to say she's sorry for dis and sorry for dat when all she did was like wave at some guys or schoolmates?Big deal..Ur in my prayers Dina and Morgan I will pray dat God helps you to see dat the crying over "small" things ur mom does shouldnt make ur mom feel sooo bad..Its sad,and NO Dina, u havent failed as a parent.If anything u r guilty of loving both ur daughters and wanting to do all dat u can for dem & with them before ur too old to do what u can with dem & for dem now.Dina shouldnt have to walk on egg-shells in her own home & have to be extra careful of everything she does & says in the presence of her teen-age daughter.Just be thankful to God that you know how much she loves you & allow her to be the mom God has blessed you wit. Believe me , You are blessed compared to some other families in dis world..

  • Carla Hill
    Carla Hill

    This is so shitty that I would rather see a cat twirl string around his balls. Sad ass TV!!!!

  • Shway


  • Shazi Roxx
    Shazi Roxx