Shenae Grimes: We’ve All Made Some Mistakes…

Shenae's Bikini Time
Shenae Grimes chills poolside.
90120 star Shenae Grimes shares a not-so-proud fashion moment on her blog.

I’m very adventurous, and that often times translates into my fashion aesthetic. I must admit, I’ve made some odd choices over the years! A while back, I attended an event for Chagoury Couture, and for some reason I decided to dress like a club kid. In a fearless attempt to up the ‘coolness’ factor, I started out with a metallic dress and paired it with a metallic jacket (why not!? They match, right?), and decided to top off the look with knee high fishnets. In the end, everything was way too matchy matchy and the proportions were all wrong.

A good idea in theory, but somehow it backfired and didn’t turn out the way I had hoped! Oh well, life goes on. I’m all about learning from my mistakes and moving forward!

What are some of your fashion mishaps? I would love to hear/see them!