Style Squad: Rating Katy Perry’s Nude Bodysuit at MuchMusic Video Awards 2012 (PHOTOS)

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The Celebuzz Style Squad is back in vogue with another look at Hollywood’s biggest fashion hits — and miss.

In our latest installment, the #CBStyleSquad — comprised of the biggest names in fashion analysis, from celebrity designers to TV personalities and bloggers — is taking a closer look at Katy Perry’s nude bodysuit at this year’s MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada.

Though the 27-year-old singer covered up with costume shawl and bright butterfly wings onstage, she revealed a little too much when she turned around to accept her UR Fave International Artist award.

How did Perry score with fashion journalist Lawrence ZarianAfter Lately‘s Heather McDonald, Kardashian Kollection co-creator Bruno Schiavi — and the other members of our Style Squad?

Bruno Schiavi ([email protected]), Kardashian Kollection co-creator

Salvador Camerena (@FSALVATION): Fashion blogger and stylist.

Katie Krause ([email protected]_Krause), Entertainment host, writer and producer

Brittny Gastineau (@BrittGastineau), Celebrity designer and Celebuzz blogger.

Heather McDonald (@HeatherMcDonald), author of You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again and Chelsea Lately Producer.

Nik Thakkar ([email protected]): Creative brand consultant and editor of pop couture blog KARLISMYUNKLE.COM

Every week, the Style Squad will provide analysis on what Hollywood is wearing, in 140 characters or less. You can follow the Squad on Twitter by using the hashtag #CBstylesquad

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