Miley Cyrus' Engagement: What Famous Friends Will Be Her Bridesmaids? (PHOTOS)

here come the bride-smaids!

Ever since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got engaged on May 31, people haven't been able to stop speculating about their nuptials -- from the wedding dress, to the ring and even how thin she will be walking down the aisle.

But who will be the 19-year-old "Party in the U.S.A" singer's bridesmaids?

Click through this Celebuzz gallery to find out some of the possible candidates.

It's more than likely that Cyrus' sisters Brandi, 25, and Noah, 12, could be bridesmaids, since it's considered somewhat of a tradition to have sisters be part of the I Do's.

However, there are some other Hollywood stars who might make the cut: E!'s Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne, country cutie Taylor Swift and X Factor host Demi Lovato, to name a few.

Why would each of these starlets be in the running to be by Cyrus' side? Find out in this gallery.

He won't be a bridesmaid, of course, but her best friend Cheyne Thomas, who was photographed alongside the ex-Disney starlet in Miami, Fla. last weekend, as Celebuzz reported.

Cyrus was quick to defend herself against criticisms for being photographed swimming with Thomas.

She wrote on Twitter, “I love my fiancé & he loves me. All the rest is bull s**t. We get to live a life of happiness no one can take that away from us!”

Confessing to being homesick and missing Hemsworth, Cyrus branded those who believed she was cheating “dumb”.

For more of the Cyrus-Thomas connection, watch the video below.

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  • Roy

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  • jordyn

    afrika, if you look through the 8 pics in this article, one of this pics is miley, brandi, and tish and it specifically says "brandi, miley's half-sister" in the caption. case closed. everyone move on. if afrika doesn't agree than she's just dumb and extremely stubborn. and we all know she didn't go to wiki and look that info up. i mean seriously? it says brandi is miley's half-sister in her wikipedia bio. we all know that. afrika is just trying to get you all mad. and she's dumb cuz she didn't even read this article properly. the end.

  • Shannon

    afrika go to and type in brandi cyrus and read her bio. she is billy rays step daughter and the half sister of miley, braison, and noah. i think you are getting noah and brandi mixed up. noah is younger born in 2000 but brandi is older born in 1980′s. the kids all have tish in common. but billy is miley, noah, and braisons dad. trace and brandi have a different father!

  • Shannon

    afrika, go to and type in brandi cyrus and read her bio. she is billy rays step daughter and the half sister of miley, braison, and noah. i think you are getting noah and brandi mixed up. noah is younger born in 2000 but brandi is older born in 1980's. the kids all have tish in common. but billy is miley, noah, and braisons dad. trace and brandi have a different father.

  • Shannon

    give us the websites where you are finding this info. post the actual link please.

  • Nora

    Taylor , Demi , Mandy <3

  • Nora

    No I don't think so because when a fan tweeted Emily saying Miley and Liam are getting married Emily replied LOL !!

  • Nora

    I love Miley and Demi's friendship i think Demi is goning to be Miley's bridesmaid :)

  • Nammy

    "Against the wishes of her father's record company,[10] Cyrus's parents secretly married a month after Cyrus's birth on December 28, 1992.[7][11] Tish had two children from a previous relationship: Trace and Brandi. Billy Ray adopted Trace and Brandi when they were young.[12] She has a half-brother, Christopher Cody, Billy Ray's son from a brief relationship, born the same year as Miley; he grew up with his mother in South Carolina.[10] Tish and Billy Ray had two more children, Braison and Noah" direct quote:)

  • Sara

    Demi and Miley doesn't meet each other that often because they are both busy but they are very close friends and have known each other for years :)

  • afrika

    Nammy, love.. i never said anyone cheated on anyone, but i know 1000% that Noah is her half sis, she has even said it before that Trace and Noah are her half sis & bro. when she got with Billy-Ray and had Miley and Brandi, she could've been pregnant with her ex's bub. just wiki'd it and it says Noah is her half, LOL see i proved ya wrong :D xxx

  • Nammy

    afrika if ur so confident, go on wikipedia and prove everyone wrong. ur the only one who believes that. how can noah be a half sister if she was born after miley whose biological parents are tish and billy? are u saying someone cheated and had a child? haha sore loser much?

  • afrika

    p.s Abby, thankyou for posting your comment with such a lovely nice energy, you got out your point without being rude like the other person. Ashley babes, take a leaf out of Abby's book next time, k?? :D sayonara xxxxx

  • afrika

    lol no, noah is half. luv, just cause looks like miley doesnt mean she is her full sis, cause Tish is Miley's mum, miley looks like tish alot so there for if she is half or even full, she still will resemble miley. now shar ya face ; )

  • 10a fuse
    10a fuse

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  • Abby

    NOAH-FULL SISTER of miley BRAISON-FULL BROTHER of miley BRANDI-1/2 sister of miley TRACE-1/2 brother of miley and Brandi's full brother Christopher Cody-1/2 brother of miley, from billy ray's ex girlfriend. we rarely see him. he was born in early 1992 before miley.

  • Ashley

    WE ARE ALL REPEATING IT BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE SISTERS WRONG! LOOK UP THE FACTS OK? NOAH is her full sister! just look at her! looks just like miley. and BRANDI is her half sister ok? why are YOU still getting that wrong??? you are obviously not a miley cyrus fan because you can't get her family right. go to wikipedia and look at imdb. noah, braison and miley are BILLY RAY and TISH's children. TISH had a previous relationships which resulted in BRANDI and TRACE so they are miley's 1/2 siblings. GOT THAT?? why are YOU STILL NOT GETTING IT?

  • afrika

    then if it doesnt matter because either way theyre family, then why are all of YOU and these others making such a big deal about it? answer that one for me. Noah is the half, Brandi is full. the end.

  • afrika

    lol, i can't wait til they prove both you & all the other haters and people doubting their marriage. i'll lol in your face when in 6 months they are still together; happier than ever. and saying you 'can't wait' til they divorce, you're a heartless pathetic dog.

  • Angela Saffron Botticelli
    Angela Saffron Botticelli

    I can't wait to read about the divorce in six months

  • afrika

    aww so nice babes :) such a cute little message & such a cute name. mwaaaaaaaaa beb xxxxx

  • SB

    Opposite dude...brandi is her half sister, noah is her full sister, but it doesn't matter.

  • real

    sexy is a subjective term and therefore no real reporter would ever use the word. I dont find fake teats sexy and such self mutilation is abhorrent to God

  • afrikaisadumb_turd

    afrika --> dumba*ss bit*ch. (=

  • Abby

    trace (miley's 1/2 brother) and brandi (she is miley's 1/2 sister) are tish's children with an ex. billy ray adopted them that's why they have his last name. billy ray also has a son named christopher cody (who we never see) with an ex-girlfriend. noah, miley, and braison are tish and billy ray's children. you can check wikipedia and, it's all there! but yeah obviously, they're all family.

  • afrika

    i know that 'either way theyre sisters', you dont need to repeat it. Noah is her half sister, Brandi is her full.. but either wya theyre still sisters. (=

  • Tori

    Noo, afrika. Brandi is Miley's half sister, and Noah is her full sister. But lexi's right, either way they're still sisters <3

  • afrika

    babe, did i say anything about the fact her being only half being bad? no you nong, i just corrected them, my goodness calm yourself.

  • Katie

    I think it will be Kelly and Brandi. She's not going to choose Demi or Taylor because, although they are friends, they are not best friends. I don't think Miley is the type of person to want a huge Bridal Party but I think Kelly and Brandi will be there. And I think that Cheyne Thomas will be in the wedding somehow.

  • Davide

    If I was Miley i'll pick who she closer too. Either Family or Friends thumbs up if u agree with me

  • lexi

    it doesn't matter if she is half a sister is still a sister, who cares

  • chass


  • amy

    brandi is her half sister. noah is her full sister

  • Krtina

    I hope that Demi Lovato will attend her wedding and she should be one of the bridesmaids too.

  • Carly McCann
    Carly McCann

    No Noah is her full sisiter, Brandi and Miley only have the same mother and BRC adopted Brandi.

  • mileyismylife

    Taylor is beyond amazing, she would be an awesome bridesmaid! :)

  • afrika

    as if Noah will be one, more like the flower girl lol.

  • afrika

    Mandy & Miley dont really speak anymore, doubt she'll be one of her bridemaids.. she'll be at the wedding but i doubt her being one of the bridemaids

  • mileyismylife

    if Demi was one of her bridesmaids, i will die! absolutely adore little Demi!

  • afrika

    wtf,, as if Kelly Preston is gonna be her bridesmaid, she met her ONCE on the set of The Last Song. omg CB, seriously..

  • afrika

    Brandi is her actual sister, Noah is her half sister. duh -.-

  • mileyismylife

    Kelly will most likely be one of them, seeing as they're like best friends hahaha.


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