Justin Bieber Reveals His Beatles Dream; Plus Dating Tips for the Fellas (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Bieber fever continues to dominate the Internet –er– world this week — especially here at Celebuzz, thanks to our exclusive video interview with Justin Bieber.

The 18-year-old pop phenom gives tips on how to win a girl’s heart and how to get his attention at a concert.

Although Bieber admits he’s not a love doctor, he does have one very important tip for guys trying to get their girl to like them: be nice!’

“Just be nice to your lady,” Bieber said, in the video above. “And treat her with respect, and she will do the same to you.”

As Bieber reveals, if you’re at one of his concerts and want to catch his eye, you gotta give him a sign — specifically one with LED lights.

“Usually girls make signs at my concerts, but one girl made an LED light sign and she held it up and I was immediately, like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna read your sign!'” he said.

Meanwhile, Bieber — who also revealed he’d tour with The Beatles if he could — gave a little tease of what other accents he can do, in the wake of the British accent he put on in a recent interview. (Watch it here.)

For more answers from Bieber, check out Celebuzz’s exclusive video above.

Bieber released on Tuesday his latest studio album, Believe, which features the hit single, Boyfriend. The CD, which is expected to sell gangbusters, is already number one on the iTunes album chart, after just one day of release.

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