Michelle Pfeiffer on New Catwoman Anne Hathaway: I Have a Desire to Beat Her Up (VIDEO)

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Michelle Pfeiffer slipped into the infamous Catwoman suit in 1992’s Batman Returns, but this summer, a new Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway, 29, will meow her way to the big screen in The Dark Knight Rises, but does Pfeiffer think the actress has what it takes to fill her paws?

"I have a desire to beat her up," Pfeiffer, 54, joked while on Wednesday's The View. "Just kidding, Anne! She’s going to be great!”

She spoke further about the role, admitting people still ask if she wears the infamous black catsuit. "People ask me all the time. I didn’t keep the suit," she said.

The People Like Us actress has been very vocal about Hathaway as the sexy character.

Celebuzz spoke with Pfeiffer back in May, and she had nothing but kind words for the Dark Knight Rises actress.

“I love Anne Hathaway, I’m a huge fan,” the actress told Celebuzz. “The nature of all of these characters is they’re played by different people all the time. I think she’s great and I think she’s going to be awesome.”

What do you think about Anne as catwoman? Sound off in the comments -- and watch Celebuzz's Dark Knight Rises big summer movie guide, below.

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  • Natasha

    Jasmine: I LOVE MICHELLE!! Bwahahaha

  • Dj

    Michelle will always be the greatest Catwoman ever!

  • Melissa Hawkins McClellan
    Melissa Hawkins McClellan

    Jasmine you should have read the article first before responding

  • Tony

    On the contrary, Michelle pfeiffer's portrayal of catwoman was so good that she set the standard very high for the character. It is the media who's always asking her about her take on Anne Hattaway portrayal of a character she played so well.

  • FanGirl

    I love Michelle Pfeiffer. I was little when she was catwoman and in my opinion she was so beautiful with her red lips. I don't think anne will be as awesome as Michelle Pfeiffer but who knows

  • John

    Jasmine: When people are famous, they usually get requests to do things called "interviews." In these things, they usually get asked these things called "questions." They then are supposed to respond by giving "answers" to these "questions." I believe this is what happened here. Does that make sense to you, Jasmine?

  • lectricTapeworm

    they asked her about it...

  • Jasmine

    That doesn't change the fact, that's all she talks about. Is her career is bad shape or something?

  • mike

    But if you "READ" the article, Michelle said she was "joking" and said Anne is going to do great... Wow.

  • Jasmine

    Michelle Pfeiffer, stop talking about Catwoman already. You did this role 23 years ago, GET OVER IT! Stop trying to steal shine from Anne Hathaway. She isn't talking about you and your portrayal of the character, you should do the same! Seriously, do you have nothing else going on in your career? Then to talk about Catwoman. Anne Hathaway isn't even thinking about you.