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Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner has the kind of abs many only dream of, but there’s hope for all of us — and no crunches are necessary!

Bravo’s Thinternvention star told Celebuzz that getting six-pack abs starts with building the body’s core muscles and eating a cleaner diet.

Now she’s sharing her tips on how to get a super-sexy stomach like the stars!

Celebuzz readers, get Warner’s six-pack secrets:

1. Drink water with a lemon.

“Three liters per day can burn up to 100 extra calories a day and double your energy, as well as clear your skin,” Warner tells Celebuzz.

2. Ditch the sugar.

“Fat doesn’t make you fat — sugar does!” Warner says, adding that losing weight means ditching the empty calories included in foods such as cookies, chocolate and bread.

3. Don’t skip meals.

“Make sure you’re eating two fruits, three vegetables, three lean proteins, and two fats per day,” she advises. “Make sure you’re eating your breakfast, your snack, your lunch, your snack, and your dinner, so your insulin levels don’t drop.”

4. Ditch the crunches!

“Crunches are a waste of time. They’re the slowest way to actually build the abdominals. You need to really be working the upper, lower and the obliques. I like doing crunch-free abdominal work,” she says, adding that her six-pack is a result of doing exercises like pull-ups, pushups and squats.

5. Strengthen Your Core

“Free-weight training is better than any crunches or sit-ups. A regular ‘man-style’ push-up or squat is the best way to get good abdominals.”

6. Stick with a clean diet to get flat abs.

Warner recommends the following foods: oatmeal, apples, grapefruit, free-range, hormone-free chicken and eggs.

Want more fitness tips? Watch the video below to see how different stars lose weight.

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