YouTube Sensation Shane Dawson Shares Cover Art for New Single (EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK)

He’s got one of the most subscribed YouTube channels out there, and now, Celebuzz is giving you a first look at Shane Dawson’s cover art for his new track, “The Vacation Song.”

Just in time for summer, the Internet sensation will be dropping his new catchy tune on iTunes, June 23.

As some fans of Dawson’s may recall, Celebuzz debuted his hit tracked “SUPERLUV” this past April, and caused some buzz for the budding musician.

He told Celebuzz of the recognition,

“It’s been really awesome and totally shocking to me. I thought more people would be iffy about it, but I don’t know it seems like everybody is really liking the song and the video so I’m pumped.”

What do you think of Shane’s new cover art? Does it get you in the mood for summer? Play music critic in the comments, and check out his wildly popular track “SUPERLUV” below: