Angelina Jolie — Her Career Evolution (PHOTOS)

Angie's Slit Style
Angelina Jolie's slew of leg-baring looks!
Brangie's Brood!
Angelina Jolie takes her kids out and about.
On Tuesday, the world got its first glimpse of Angelina Jolie as Disney’s evil queen, Maleficent.

Promotional shots showed the Tomb Raider superstar donning horns, yellow eyes and crimson lipstick for her forthcoming role as the title character — an adaption of the classic, Sleeping Beauty.

It’s just one more giant step in 37-year-old Jolie’s ever-evolving career, which has seen her win three Golden Globes and an Academy Award for Girl, Interrupted.

With Jon Voight as your father, Jolie was perhaps destined to be a star.

But she didn’t rely on Hollywood nepotism to make it big on the silver screen.

Jolie received professional training in the art of theater while attending the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.

She started her career by performing in local student films and appearing in music videos for artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Meat Loaf.

Initially known as a professional model, Jolie finally became noticed in the film industry in the mid-90s, thanks to her performances in flicks such as Hackers.

Never really one to play “the girl next door,” Jolie has often leaned toward dramatic roles — with a smattering of action heroes and seductresses thrown in for good measure.

Take a peek at how Jolie has developed throughout the years by clicking through the gallery. [Note: Unfortunately, there are no leg-bombing photos in this album.]

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