Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Francesca Says She ‘Hates’ Stepmom Dina (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Mrs. Eastwood Speaks
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In a preview of Sunday's episode of E!'s Mrs. Eastwood and Company, the daughter of four-time Oscar winner Clint Eastwood declares she "hates" her stepmom, Dina, following a major bust-up between her and the 19-year-old's boyfriend, Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields.

"I hate Dina, she is being so stupid," says Francesca, 82-year-old Eastwood's daughter with Titanic actress Frances Fisher.

You'll remember: The issue between the pair stemmed from last week's installment of the popular reality show, when 46-year-old Dina clashed with Shields after he exaggerated stories about himself to impress the family.

Then, during a text message that will air in this week's episode, Dina tells Francesca: "You immersed this family in Tyler Shields and we rolled with this... Take a look at who you are."

"Dina has only been made at me a couple of times in my life but when I have seen her upset, it is like World War III," Francesca admits.

"I am just concerned this is going to ruin our relationship."

Shields -- who has photographed Lindsay Lohan and Glee star Heather Morris, amongst others -- appears to be contrite over the clash with his girlfriend's mother, suggesting he doesn't "want to drive a wedge between Francesca and this family."

It's not the only controversial moment in the next episode: Eduard Leonard, one of the members of Overtone, the South African boy band that Dina manages, is caught on camera slitting his wrists.

“I’m f*cking drunk and I am not good,” says Eddie, during the graphic preview of the episode -- which you can watch, above.

Mrs. Eastwood and Company airs on E! Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.



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  • diana

    I was so excited about the show at first, now I would rather claw my own eyes out. Let me start with Dina, stop whining about your poor childhood. Donate all those beautiful gifts you are hording, and sprnd less time on camera, trust me when I say the entire show is a snore fest. As for Francesca? Where is HER mother? And is everyone crazy? Tyler ? Who? He looks and acts like a creeper, someone better help her now before it is to late. And do us all a service and pull the plug on this disaster of a show

  • carrie.

    francesa is heading down a very slippery slope with this me,these guys who come from abusive homes become intolerable control freaks which i can see his is and being the smart young lady i know she is she needs to take a step back and see the situation for what it he reacted to dina is a day at disney compared to what it will be if she marries this guy...been there done that !..or rather suffered that..please be careful with this relationship you are young and extremely infatuated now..! powerful and controlling men are attractive,however,until they turn on you, then it's not so glamorous anymore.i hope you lsten to your step mom she already sees this on the horizon

  • Dawn

    I agree, love the show!

  • hi

    i completely disagree with everything ur saying i love overtone and i think the eastwoods r very cool.

  • mickealiadickens

    Dena u went to freak far remember this Dena she is your daughter u will never change that i was on your side first but now i am on her side don't take things or people out of hand because guess what those things and people will get u back at u believe me i was u and i learn my lesson

  • Shway

    the eastwoods are a shit family who need to take their act some other place. The overtones are a joke and just need to go back home. No one cares about them please stop putting articles about them on this site they are so shaming and such jokes that they make their town look so superficial its sickening.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    get your info correct Francessca Ruth Fisher Eastwood is only 19 she was born in 1993 oh by the way her mother is only 60 get your math straight it's her dad that's 82 born May 31st 1930. Francessca is Clint's 6th child her five older simlings are Kimber born 1964 Kyle Born 1968 Alison born 1972 Scott Born 1986 Kathryn born 1988 & Morgan born 1996