‘Fashion Police’ Star Kelly Osbourne: ‘I’m In Love’

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E!’s Fashion Police star Kelly Osbourne is in love — and she doesn’t care who knows.

After a disastrous false start with cupid — Osbourne’s former fiancé reportedly cheated on her with a transsexual model — the 27-year-old daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and AGT judge Sharon Osbourne has declared publically she has found romance once again.

Until now, the purple-haired stunner has been careful to keep her love life quiet, but early Thursday morning Osbourne tweeted an intimate picture of her and her beau kissing, saying: “I’m in love and I don’t care who knows about it!”

So who is the long-haired hottie that has Osbourne’s heart?

Dating for almost a year, Osbourne is head over heels for 28-year-old Matthew Mosshart.

If that name sounds a bit familiar, it is because Mosshart’s sister is Alison Mosshart, 33, from band The Kills.

And, it is the rocker that Osbourne has to thank for finding love.

The reality star met Mosshart when she attended the July wedding of the other half of The Kills, rocker Jamie Hince, 43, and 38-year-old supermodel Kate Moss’ wedding.

Originally studying business at Flagler College in St. Augustine — where he was also an accomplished long distance runner — the NYC-transplant fought hard to pay the bills working three jobs — as a vegan baker, sous chef and even a dog walker!

The man with all the hair also models on the side.

When posing up from New York Magazine earlier this year, Mosshart described what he loved most about cooking.

“I studied business. I don’t know why. Everyone else was doing it?” he told the magazine.

“(But) cooking is not measured. It doesn’t have to be specific, and I like the idea of winging it.”

And Mosshart’s favorite thing to make — pizza with wheat dough.

“You have to knead it and then let it rise, then beat it down and let it rise, and then beat it down again. It’s a full-body workout.”

Something that did work out was the two bi-costal lovebirds, with the Vegan chef opting to move across the country for his Los Angles-based love in April.

Since then, the couple have been snapped out together, but this is the first time Osbourne has spoken publically about her beau.

Osbourne finding love again is some welcomed happy news for the infamous family, as this week it was revealed son Jack, has been diagnosed with the multiple sclerosis, a immune disorder that affects the brain and spinal cord.

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Kelly Osbourne’s love declaration: great news or too much information? Sound off below.