Giuliana and Bill Rancic: We're Raising Our Baby Boy In Chicago (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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Expectant parents Giuliana and Bill Rancic are preparing for the delivery of their baby boy, though one question remains unanswered: where will they raise their child, in Bill's home base of Chicago, or E! anchor Giuliana's L.A.?

"Chicago," Bill told Celebuzz. "He'll go to school in Chicago."

But does G agree?

"I'll do maternity leave in Chicago, then come back to L.A. where my work is every day," Giuliana, 36, said.

"But with our TV show [Ready for Love], Bill has work here too, so that's been keeping him in L.A. But once our son gets old enough to go to school, we'd like to raise him in Chicago. Eventually, Chicago, yes."

The couple, spoke to Celebuzz at The Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening, where the Ranics were promoting Nivea's National PDA Day.

So have Guiliana and 41-year-old Bill, who have been married for nearly five years, picked out a name for their baby boy?

"It's not going to be an Italian name -- we agreed on that," Bill told Celebuzz.

"You have to put effort in," added Bill. "I think a lot of people feel entitled and think their marriage is going to be like the first month they were dating. You have to put effort in and let that person know you care about them, you value them. And it's just doing the little things. I make her coffee in the morning, or I get her car washed for her.

"He fills my tank up with gas -- it's sweet!" smiled Giuliana. "Then I give him back rubs."

"No, you don't," laughed Bill.

"I do!" said G. "I get my Nivea lotion out. We've been working with Nivea for a while, so we get their products. The skin firming lotion works! Not only am I giving him a back rub, but I'm firming his back!"

And since it was PDA Day, we asked the Rancics what they think is an acceptable public display of affection -- and what's not.

"I don't need to see tongue in the mall kissing," Bill said. "A little kiss is nice, some hand-holding, but keep your tongue in your mouth."

"Tongue is good behind closed doors -- but nowhere else," Guliana agreed. "There was a couple tonguing at our baby shower, and I almost threw up. Holding hands, hugging, arms around someone, a kiss, that's all great."

As far as who the identity of "tonguing" couple in question, Celebuzz will plead the fifth.


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  • Zoe

    Guys Courntey isn't jealous because she dislikes an annoying non-celebrity celeb. Celebs used to be movie stars and it came down to people like Rancic nowadays! Yes she's annoying. Am I jealous too because I find her insignificant next to Angelina Jolie, a true beauty with show stopping talent? I feel sorry for Rancic with what shes been through but she doesn't have talent or beauty.

  • Ks

    Sure sounds like Courtney is jealous! go Guiliana and Bill, they're awesome!

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    @Rissa I wasn't trying to be negative Guiliana grates on my nerves and always has. besides they rest of what I said is true if you don't like it ignore my post

  • rissajunelove

    Wow Courtney - why read something if you only have something negative to say?

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    who cares where these two raise their kid you don't have to stay in hollywood to have a lucrative career in the business. look for example at Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward they for the most part raised their daughters in NYC & Connecticut but both of them still had lucrative film careers and one of their daughters is an opera/cabaret singer. stop feeding Guilianas ego and she'll go away


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