Khloe Kardashian: Mother's Day Dinner At The Ivy At The Shore (PHOTOS)

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Hi dolls.

I know this post is a little overdue, but better late than never, right? Plus these pics are just too cute not to post.

They’re from our Mother’s Day dinner — the whole family went to The Ivy at the Shore to celebrate the three fabulous moms in our family, the one and only Kris Jenner, my grandma MJ and Kourtney.

The pics of Mason are my favorite — he just loves to ham it up for the camera! I guess it’s a family thing LOL.



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  • Countrygurl Love Scott
    Countrygurl Love Scott

    Luv ya Kourtney

  • Countrygurl Love Scott
  • Countrygurl Love Scott
    Countrygurl Love Scott

    Lil man is so handsome

  • Clare W
    Clare W

    Khloe you are a gorgeous woman!!!!

  • Linda Phripp
    Linda Phripp

    Cmon Uncle,,,CUTE

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores

    Oh come on Khloe....are you trying to present yourself and "LAMMIE" as a parental team? GMAFB!

  • Me

    Awesome photos! Mason is so cute, and you are gorgeous!! Bruce, looks tired.. x Lam Lam and Mason playin around is so cute!

  • Lindsey

    Mason Look's just like Kourtney! :)

  • Racquell williams
    Racquell williams

    Lil mason is the star of the show. He so cute:-)

  • Kelsie Storey
    Kelsie Storey

    Ooooh my god!! Mason is THE most handsome Disick there ever was!!! I love your style Khloe!! You are GORG DOLL!! ;) Kourtney, you dress yourself and Mason soooo well.. you are the cutest momma & preggo lady :) I love your family, and how you put them first always. You guys are all so close, it shows the world how amazing you can remain, even with money and fame!! You inspire me!! I think you are all BEAUTIFUL!! And Rob is sexy as HELL, of course ;) Let me be the honorary Kardashian so I can come party and learn your secrets of the trade, and spend time in your amazing family!!!

  • Katie Schmidt
    Katie Schmidt

    hes just sooo adorable!

  • Lindsey

    How cute!He really looks like both of his grandpas,both Bruce and Robert!

  • Bryanna Deleon
    Bryanna Deleon

    Hey ! Hes cute (: im like you biggest fan I watch yall show every sunday !(:

  • Orleny Blanco
    Orleny Blanco


  • miss.rouso


  • mickealiadickens

    i don't care what people got to say i still love them

  • Shazi Roxx
    Shazi Roxx

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  • Nikkasunkissed Smith
  • Annabelle Ejem
    Annabelle Ejem

    This is too cute. Cant wait for you and lam to have a little mason. :)

  • Jelly goji
    Jelly goji

    You look great khloe,and your family are wonderful.Nice to have the whole together on a mother day.God bless u n your family.

  • 3420sk

    Don't worry still love them...