Khloe Kardashian Wears The Same Dress Twice -- More Celebs Who Are Fashion Repeat Offenders (PHOTOS)

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It looked so nice, she wore it twice!

Khloe Kardashian, 27, recently admitted to being a fashion repeat offender when she wore her K-DASH striped scoopneck maxi dress again.

Though she was seen in a similar look in May, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was spotted repeating her look as she landed in New York City with her husband, Lamar Odom, 32. However, Kardashian freshened up her outfit with a chic denim jacket by JET and a bright red Birkin bag.

Kardashian even took it to her blog to defend the style deja vu, writing:

I know that technically I’m not supposed wear the same outfit twice, but I can’t help it if I’m madly in love with my K-DASH maxi dress LOL. It is sooooo comfy and flattering — perfect for when I’m running around or traveling and just want to be comfortable. So you may see me wearing this a few more times… I’m a repeat offender and proud! LOL.
However, Kardashian is not the only fashion repeat offender in town!

From Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to Kardashian's own sister, Kim, more and more celebrities are recycling their looks for another day. Click through the gallery -- above -- to see more fashion repeat offenders.
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Do you think wearing something twice is a style faux pas for celebs? Play fashion critic and sound off in the comments, below.



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  • da_truth

    If there are people who actually care about this idiotic article...they need to be eliminated from the gene pool in the same way China does there "fertility sterilization programs", or they need to be shot in the head. Two valid options.

  • moomarse

    that rule, if it is one, is stupid! no wonder we all think they're spoiled and greedy!!

  • Belen Jimenez
    Belen Jimenez

    that dress looks soo comfy.. i'd wear it like 3 times a week..

  • brelovenewyork

    now i couldnt believe kim kardashian wore something 2 times!! I mean thats fine but with all the shopping she does i never thought that. but she looks great

  • brelovenewyork

    so what? That dress looks great on her she even said i dont care if i wore it 2 times

  • miss.rouso

    can you blame her?! she looks awesome && it def looks comfy! work it khloe <3

  • hope

    cute dress

  • Crystal Culver Conner
    Crystal Culver Conner

    It's from their QVC line & Kim wore it on QVC. Bravo to Khloe for being confident enough to wear it more than once. It's cute!

  • Tania

    She looks fab !

  • Set Sea
    Set Sea

    Thank God I'm not a celebrity, I wear the same thing every week...

  • Mira

    That dress is super cute. I'd wear it at least every 2 weeks! It's stupid to say that "celebs" can't wear things more than once.

  • magic

    just because theyre celebrities they arent allowed to wear the same thing twice? or because they have tons of cash they have to buy a new outfit each day? puh-lease.. who cares CB, Khloe and all these other celebrities look fab.

  • alexan

    who cares! she looks gorge