Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon Duke It Out: Who Wins? (VIDEO)

Bieber Gets Mobbed
Justin steps out for Fashion's Night Out.
Jimmy Fallon truly “believes” he can beat teen sensation Justin Bieber – well, at something.

The Late Night host has acknowledged the Bieber mania this past week following the release of his Believe album but Fallon, 37, decided to have a friendly face-off with the pop star, 18, by showing him he too came out with an album entitled Blow Your Pants Off.

Who do you think has the upper hand in album sales?

“You know your record is probably going to sell more copies than mine but I don’t care man, I am happy for you,” Fallon admits. “But it’s because I can probably beat you at a ton of other stuff.”

Things got heated between the duo as they challenged each other in a wrestling match, laser tag, video game battle and even a break dance competition.

Check out all their obstacles and see who came out the winner in the video above, and watch some hilarious Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber outtakes below.