Sofia Vergara Rocks a Bikini in Anguilla: Take a Look at Her Family Vacation! (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Sofia's Stunning Looks
Sofia Vergara at her sexiest!
Sofia Vergara took a trip to Anguilla recently and her son Manolo is giving her fans a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into their family vacation!

The 39-year-old Modern Family actress was joined by her assistant and hairstylist, as well as her 19-year-old and his girlfriend.

What all did they do in the Caribbean?

Manolo posted a video on Nuevon’s YouTube channel — which you can watch down below — that highlights some of the best moments from their trip. For readers, that would mean the chance to gawk at the stunning mother-of-one’s amazing bikini body!

“One of the annoying things is that my mom insists on stopping any activity just so she can take pictures for her Twitter,” Manolo joked in the video.

“She took a lot of them in Anguilla!”

Catch more moments from their getaway down below: