Katy Perry Says Her Movie Needed to ‘Show the Truth’ Behind Russell Brand Split (VIDEO)

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Katy Perry is ready to talk about her divorce from comedian Russell Brand.

Speaking out about her split for the first time on camera, the “Wide Awake” singer confessed that she needed to include her highly-publicized split in her new movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me.

“Sometimes, my tummy turned when I saw different scenes but I left them all in there because I thought it was important to show the truth,” Perry, 27, told Entertainment Tonight about letting the cameras into her marriage to the British funnyman, 37.

What else will the movie show?

“I know there were times on the road were I literally had to throw myself on that lift and kind of flip the switch and separate the personal from the professional — because it was my personal problem,” Perry added.

“It’s silly of me to think I could completely avoid it — to think it never happened.”

Perry also had the similar opinion during Thursday’s episode of Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

“I think that if you went to see the movie and [the divorce] was completely avoided you come out of that theatre going, ‘Hmmm…That’s strange, I know something else did happen at that time in her life last year,’” she told host Jay Leno of her new docu-movie.

The crew of Katy Perry: Part of Me reportedly caught over 300 hours worth of footage of Perry’s life.

The singer added, “I wanted to show people that like ‘Look yeah I’m going through some of the same situations that half of America goes through,’ and somehow I landed on my feet and you don’t have to lay down and die even if you feel like you’re going to.”

For more of Perry’s candid ET interview about her divorce, check out the videos — above and below.

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