Celebrities Wearing Pajamas In Public: Rihanna, Miranda Kerr Rock New Fashion Trend (PHOTOS)


There's a new trend in Hollywood -- and it's putting us to sleep.

Tinseltown's top stars are dropping thousands of dollars to look, well, like they just woke up.

Leading the charge wearing silky pajamas is Salma Hayek, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr and Rihanna -- who even busted out this yawning style on the red carpet for the Tokyo premiere of her film, Battleship.

These pajama outfits aren't just your run-of-mill sleepwear styles.

When RiRi, 24, hit the red carpet in her blue jamies, she didn’t just throw on some cheap sleepwear: Indeed the “We Found Love” singer’s matching ensemble was by designer Emilio Pucci.

Kerr, the 29-year-old supermodel and wife of Orlando Bloom, dressed her -- err, tired -- look by pairing her pajama pants with grey Christian Louboutin pumps.

Even tiny trendsetter Suri Cruise, the six-year-old daughter of Tom and Katie Holmes, is getting into the the sleepy style as this video shows.

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What do you think of the pajama outerwear? Play celeb stylist below.



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  • Diana

    Well I think she should show some respect for her fans and don't go to a movie premiere in pajamas. Maybe she didn't know what she bought...whatever. That makes me like her less.

  • Ginger

    haha i think rihanna is beautiful bt she overstepped the line thats a bit too silly for an action movie premeriere

  • Oli

    i rekon

  • Oli

    Rihanna is so fukin hot omg god i wud fuk her anyday

  • Grace

    I think Miranda looks stunning in anything she wears and i really think it a dardy new trend

  • Grace

    I was just going to post that comment lol your so right how can people make these mistakes for such well known celebrities.

  • Denver

    WTF!! Miranda is not a 23 year old.Shes 29!! Who the fuck dosent know that. ahhhhhhhhhh so annoyed when people make these mistakes

  • mileyismylife

    oh wow.. Ryan gets sexier everytime i see him!

  • mileyismylife

    Rihanna is super beautiful, she looks real chic and lovely.