'American Idol' Runner-Up David Archuleta Debuts Music Video for 'I'll Never Go' (VIDEO)

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David Archuleta released on Sunday the official music video for "I'll Never Go," one of the tracks off his fourth studio album, Forevermore, available exclusively in the Philippines.

The low-key video, which was filmed in Manila, features a somber-looking Archuleta singing in his bedroom as he, perhaps ironically, packs up his suitcase to leave his house.

Released on March 26, the album features cover songs of popular Filipino songs.

Last December, while at the Salt Lake City, UT, stop of his My Kind of Christmas tour, Archuleta announced to a crowd of 2,000-plus fans that he would be putting his music career on hold to complete a Mormon mission.

"It’s not because someone told me I was supposed to do it and not because I no longer want to do music anymore,” he said. “It’s because it’s what I feel I need to do next in my life. It’s the same feeling that I’ve always tried to follow in my life -- the feeling that’s allowed me to have the opportunities I’ve had, the challenges and the blessings, too. And I’ve learned to trust that feeling and answer when it calls. That’s the reason why I know I have to do this in my life."

In January, it was also announced that he had joined a Philippine television series, for TV5.

Archuleta competed on the seventh season of American Idol, in 2008, during which he placed second to David Cook.

Have a listen to Archuleta's new single now, then tell us: What do you think of the music video?


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  • Kath -----#DA2014
    Kath -----#DA2014

    David may be far away, but he left a piece of his heart with each and every fan. The album "Forevermore" created in the Phillipines is just an unbelievable showcase of David's voice and heart. No one can sing a song with such pure emotion. He is one remarkable young man. This video is wonderfully symbolic. One could feel his heart reach out and touch his fans in a reassuring way. David will be back...after he touches the hearts of many more. His fans will all be waiting. He definitely has left us a heartprint on our hearts!

  • Linda Cota Spivey
    Linda Cota Spivey

    I love I'll Never Go MV. David always sings with his heart. Thank you for always thinking of your fans. I will be here waiting, 2014. His Forevermore album of OPM songs are awesome.

  • MsPoohbear

    Love the whole album and both videos released so far a lot! David's voice captivates our hearts while we listen to his music. Everytime I listen, I end up an emotional wreck, in a good way! This video has so much emotion at different levels. It makes you wanting for more. We love David for leaving all these wonderful gifts for us to enjoy while he is away. It really shows how much he cares for his fans! We love you David!!!

  • sweetonda

    I love this video! I do not know a more loved artist than David Archuleta. His fans adore him and I can see why. He is true to himself; his character speaks volumes and his heart is very big. He may be out of the US for a few years but he will never be out of our thoughts. He has given us a part of himself in all the projects he worked on before he left. We are blessed fans to have such a thoughtful artist to admire. Not only do we have these videos from his "Forevermore" album, but we get more new music coming in August with BEGIN. I wonder what he has up his sleeves for us in 2013? There's no way you can forget about someone like David. His voice is magic!!!

  • Heidijoy

    Love the album and the video. David dedicated the songs to his Fans. We miss him but love that he left us these gifts.

  • Reina

    Wow, that opening note by David is incredible. The song is mesmerizingly beautiful. I know they had a limited time to shoot the video but I wish they did a bit more with it. Even something like a wardrobe change would have made it better.

  • djafan

    Can I just say how much I love it? I LOVE IT!!! I was actually smiling with tears while watching. David Archuleta in his genius has managed to gift us his promise in a song, with his eyes, his expressions, his emotions of his return to music and his fans. Some may think the song is boring but if you're a fan for who this was intended for it's the most exciting song yet :) The fact that he filmed a mini series, Nandito Ako, recorded an album and filmed these music videos, message videos all in a months time is incredible. I'm so grateful for his forethought in leaving his fans so many gifts.

  • rose

    I got my Forevermore CD from Amazon. It is wonderful and, In my opinion, David's best album because he's singing the kind of songs that he does best. There is soooo much emotion and feeling...........aaaahhh, beautiful love songs.

  • Violet Woods
    Violet Woods

    Forevermore is a beautiful album and the new video is very moving. I love watching David sing love songs though it's a bit hard to watch him walk out the door. US and Canada can buy the album easily at their respective WOWHD sites with free shipping (and WOWHD has a few other country sites) - note the shipping can take a while if they haven't any on-hand. And there is info on David's official site about how anyone worldwide can buy the MP3's. August 7 watch for David's US album BEGIN - preorder has started at Deseret Books and it will also be available on Amazon, iTunes, Walmart. David worked so hard to leave music and videos for fans before his mission (as well as the 25-episode miniseries - we expect a DVD release of that at some point). BTW he's DavidArchie on twitter. There is no one I would rather be a fan of. #DA2014