Austin Mahone on Meeting Justin Bieber; His Weirdest Gifts from Fans and First Big Post-Fame Purchase (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Mahomies Invade Manhattan!
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Austin Meets Justin
Justin Bieber Austin 'Baby Bieber' Mahone
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He's a teenage heartthrob with an army of young tween and teen girls who follow his every move on Twitter. No, not Justin Bieber!

We're talking about Austin Mahone, the 16-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, and the latest teen idol to set young girls' hearts aflutter with that time-tested combo of catchy pop songs and clean-cut cuteness.

With super-long eyelashes framing his baby blues and a newly metal-free mouth (he got his braces taken off in March), Mahone sat down for an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, shortly before taking the stage June 22 to perform for a sold-out crowd of his fans — a.k.a. Mahomies — at New York City's Best Buy Theater.

Only the day before, Mahone got a taste of what it's like to be a fan himself. While visiting radio station Z-100 to debut his new single, "Sayin' Something" on Elvis Duran's morning show, Mahone unexpectedly came face-to-face with one of his own idols, the Bieb himself.

"I got in an elevator, and he was standing right there," Mahone told Celebuzz's special correspondent Lori Majewski. "He was a really cool dude."

At age 18 already a veteran in the entertainment business, Bieber shared some wisdom with rising-star Mahone over the airwaves.

"The advice that he gave me was that it doesn't matter how successful I get," Mahone says. "I  just gotta keep going and not be like, 'I made it here so I'm gonna stop working hard.' I gotta keep working harder and harder."

Though just out of the starting gate fame-wise, Mahone — who recently moved to Miami with his mom to be closer to his new management team, who also look after T-Pain — already has a houseful of presents from fans.

While he counts a G-Shock watch among his coolest loot, the weirdest gift has got to be…an office chair?! Hey, at least it comes in handy: "I use that chair," Mahone says.

He's yet to release an album, but a recent profile by The Hollywood Reporter said that Mahone could already comfortably retire on the pile of money he's made from authorized merchandise like t-shirts, posters and his signature puka-shell necklaces. Mahone says he's yet to splurge on himself — although, he already knows what his first major purchase will be.

"When I get a big paycheck, I'm going to buy my mom a car," he says, referring to his pretty, single-mother, Michele, who's almost as popular with the fans as her son is. "Her favorite is a Camaro."

Listen to Austin's new single "Say Somethin'" below and check out more music over on the Austin Mahone Official You Tube channel.



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