Baby Countdown: Time Is Ticking Away For These 21 Expectant Moms (PHOTOS)

Oh, baby!

There is an abundance of expectant moms in Hollywood right now, and though some will be first time parents, there are others have done this a time or two before. Regardless, there is one thing that remains: these ladies are ready to welcome their little bundles of joy any time now.

So, who are some stars who have a bun in the oven?

For one, Jersey Shore's resident guidette Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi currently has a little meatball in the oven. In early 2012, the 24-year-old reality TV star confirmed that she and fiance Jionni LaValle are expecting their first child -- a boy -- later this year.

"Instead of life throwing me a curveball, it threw me a spermball," Snooki once said of her pregnancy.

Likewise, Kourtney Kardashian recieved an unexpected surprise when she found out she was pregnant in late 2011. In November, Kardashian, 33, and her beau Scott Disick, 29, announced that they were expecting their second child.

The couple currently has a 2-year-old son named Mason.

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To find out who else is expecting in Hollywood, click through the gallery above.



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  • Diana

    Wow, really? I didn't know that, looks like the Victoria's Secret models are really determined to start a family. Good job, girls!!