‘Bachelorette’ Couple Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum Talk TV Wedding, Inviting Ex-Ben Flajnik!

Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum
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Former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her fiancé, JP Rosenbaum fell in love on national TV, and it looks like they'll be inviting those millions of people back to their upcoming nuptials.

The reality TV couple, who met and fell in love on the seventh season of The Bachelorette, have settled down together in suburbia New Jersey -- and are finally ready to start nailing down their wedding plans.

"Next month, we're really going to really start nailing down the details," Rosenbaum told Celebuzz at Life & Style's "Summer of Style" party at the Dream Hotel's PD-H rooftop lounge in New York.

"I would get married on TV, only if we had the kind of control we wanted. We don't want it to be a circus. We want it to be a real wedding. I they give us any reason that it isn't going to be what we want, we won't do it."

But you'll never believe who they're planning to invite to the wedding!

Rosenbaum is letting Hebert take the reigns for her "dream wedding" but reveals they plan to invite her ex, Ben Flajnik and his bride-to-be, Courtney Robertson!

"Why not?" Rosenbaum said, adding that he'll also invite other ABC stars including Ryan “Mickey” McLean and Will Holman, who were vying for Hebert's affection on the reality show.

While a TV wedding seems imminent for the couple, Rosenbaum is not opposed to doing a quick ceremony instead.

"I've told Ashley several times, I'd go down to city hall and get married and forget everything on TV," he said.

Do you think JP and Ashley should wed on national TV? Tell us in the comments. Plus, watch Celebuzz's interview with the couple in the video, below.

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  • Christelle

    YES! That would be so amazing! Seeing them fall in love was so cute and it would just be amazing to see the wedding on National TV! They are the sweetest couple ever, and it was so awesome see Ash being happy and finally find someone, the wedding would just be the final scene of their love story/movie and it would be a great ending too Ashley's season!

  • fan of JP
    fan of JP

    I am so damn happy that she chose JP!! He looks like a real genuine guy! All the heartbreak she went through with Brad was worth it because it led her to JP.I loved how she acted so real on TV. Im so glad she didnt listen to her sister's opinion. Was such bad judgement! Her sister just made me cross. I wonder what she said when she found out who Ashley chose! In her face...I cant wait for Ashley and JP to start their new life together! They really deserve ecachother! This has been my favourite bachlorette! I wish them a long and happy life together! :) And i think that Ashley is extremely pretty and way cuter (and nicer) than Emily! AND JP to me was one of the hottest guys in that season!

  • Trix

    Ashley wise choice JP is th real deal,theywill avea long and happy marriage based onlove.

  • drew

    i think ashley is the hottest bacherolette out of them all.. and i was wanting j p to be the last guy from the first epesode... they truly are the perfect match, hmmmm well apart from me and my lil lady that is.

  • carlanau

    Geez, you guys must have lonely lives to leave such harsh comments. If you did not like her season, why did you watch it or let alone, leave comments? I love this season because she is such a real woman. A & J are the perfect match

  • Ian

    She's whiny and he's ugly. They could last.

  • a.

    yeesh. i don't get why so so so many ppl are down on ashley and jp. she kind of annoyed me, but you can't deny it - they are CLEARLY the right match. they just are like a "couple" together. in fact, i found it more fun to watch her with him than i did to watch her alone! and it's so clear that he's totally in love with her. in a way they're like the perfect couple, in terms of what's going to be a long-lasting relationship. he is clearly head-over-heels in love with her - he just has that "i only have eyes for you" kind of look about him. and she is so insecure that she's never going to leave him for anyone else. i predict that out of all the quick-to-end bachelor couple, this is one that's going to be around for the long haul.

  • snenhlanhla

    owwwwww out of all those Hottttttttttt guys in the house you choose him hes a joke and so are you, you know im just kidding bt dam out of all those guys him no way him why are you trieng to punish yourself or something?........ lv both of you lots bt you dont complement each other ell too bad.........ashely i love ur tatoo does he have a tatoo or is he too chicken to get one......... tell ur man to stop smillking so much its creapy

  • Angela Infante Laskowski
    Angela Infante Laskowski

    Look at his face - totally disinterested.........and she continues to yap, yap, yap about nothing. There are no plans..............can't you just tell by the body language.......it's sick