Channing Tatum’s Hottest Movie Roles: From ‘Step Up’ to ‘Magic Mike’ (PHOTOS)

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In anticipation of Magic Mike, (out June 29), not only is Celebuzz doing Magic Mike Mondays, but we’ve got an extra special treat — a revealing look at star, Channing Tatum, in his hottest roles to date.

Things have come full circle for the sexy star, who got his big break in Step Up. Since then, he’s taken on drama, comedy and action films. With Magic Mike, he returns to his dancing roots. No matter what he does, he looks good doing it!

Click through our gallery to see Tatum’s hottest movie roles.

Chan recently celebrated his 32nd birthday, during which his wife Jenna Dewan surprised him with a Dirty Dancing-themed flash mob.

When they arrived at the Southern Hospitality Hell’s Kitchen, the entire restaurant erupted into dance as “I Had the Time of My Life” came on, sending the flash mob into a synchronized routine that included the overhead famous lift — a move Chan imitated as he picked up his wife and did the same.

He’ll definitely be showing off all the right moves in Magic Mike, too.

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What is Channing’s hottest role? Tell us your pick in the comments below!