Charlie Sheen Wants to Be Full-Time Dad, Says Rehab ‘Is Just Not For Me’ (VIDEO)

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Charlie Sheen is back in anger management — at least, on the small screen.

After Sheen’s highly publicized meltdown two years ago — during which he wildly ranted about “tiger blood,” goddesses and, of course, “winning!” — the former Two And A Half Men star is back in the spotlight with his new FX sitcom, Anger Management. And the now crystal clear-eyed Sheen has some advice for his former self.

“Grow a beard and head to Mexico,” he quipped on Good Morning America. “That would’ve been the only solution.”

Retrospectively, Sheen regrets “going really too far.”

“I was so vocal about people that I shouldn’t have been so vocal about, ya know, when I had to take a look at my part in it. Even though I was right…there’s still a way to go about it that’s a little less than that. I think the key for me would’ve been just the advice I got when I was in anger management…you can always leave the room.”

Now that he has bounced back, Sheen is simply happy to be alive. “I’m grateful that we’re able to sit here and talk about it,” he admitted. “And you’re not just talking about me, because I’m not here. It is odd to look at some of the clips and some of the stuff and think, ‘wow, that was me.’ I think it’s a crazy character study on some level that hopefully will find itself to be valuable in the future.”

While Sheen says he’s presently drug free, the actor admits he still throws back brews — after deciding rehab “is just not for me.”

“We live in a country where it’s always Miller time,” Sheen said with a smirk. “What are you gonna do? It’s happy hour somewhere in the world.”

Even though his new TV spot as has yet to premiere, Sheen is already looking forward stepping out of the fast lane — all for his children . “[I want] this to be maybe not my absolute swan song, but do this and then take a break for a while [to] just be a full-time dad,” he said. Because “at the end of the day, I think that’s the job that matters the most, the job of father.”