Giuliana Rancic: Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth Should Star in '50 Shades of Grey'

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E! News host Giuliana Rancic is up on everything pop culture related, so of course she is aware of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon.

"I just started reading it," Rancic, 36, told Celebuzz. "How hot is Christian Grey?"

So who does the mom-to-be envision playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele?

"It's a no brainer," Giuliana quipped. "It's who I have envisioned in my head this entire time...Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth!"

Kristen, 22, and Chris, 28, starred together in Snow White and the Huntsman, in theaters now.

"Come on! I can't not see those two," Rancic said. "When I read it, they are all I see!"

Stewart is actually in the middle of reading Fifty Shades of Grey right now. But could she actually see herself playing the lead role of Anastasia Steele?

See her answer below:

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  • madasahatter1985

    Bradley Cooper to play Christian Grey, Pleeeeeease!! He was my Fifty Shades when I read them :)

  • zazzz

    she still has cancer, you idiot. and lol at how long it took you to come up with crap reply, seeing as i posted that comment 26th June and it is now 8th July. trolololol. ciaaaaaaaaooo

  • Kami

    Reading the book I keep picturing Chris Himsworth as Christian Grey, or his brother Liam!

  • barbara

    When I first read the series, before it got huge, in my mind it was kristen and david beckham.

  • twinklemepink06

    she's not thin from chemo. her cancer is gone. YOU IDIOT.

  • jaie

    Channing and what's ever that girls name is on Black Swan should be Ana...

  • Mumbeja

    I say Emma Rossum and Justin Timberlake.

  • Lizzy

    A resounding YES!!!!! Kristen & Chris H. is my new ship. Plus their other halves won't have to worry since they are both taken. Bring them on I say.

  • Alice

    Kristen? Why not? She ruined Bella. Might as well ruin a mediocre fan fic version of Bella. I would prefer that Chris use his powers for good and stay out of these 50 shades of shenanigans. Laters, Babe.

  • Jannie

    I hear Chris's voice too when Christian is talking :-) Sexy!!

  • Dani 90
    Dani 90

    I think Christian Grey should be played by Colin Egglesfield (from Something Borrowed). Honestly he is the first person I thought of when getting to know Mr. Grey's character. He's sexy and sophisticated and could definitely play respected billionaire and kinky lover. As for Kristen Stewart, she ruins every movie she is in because her acting skills are horrible. She might look the part, but everybody loves these books and it's going to take GREAT acting skills to bring Ana to life.

  • zazzz

    EXCUSE ME!?! Giuliana has cancer you idiot, that is why she is so skinny, from the chemo and such. you are a cold-hearted person, the poor woman is going through hell and your talking trash about her weight and saying she is crazy due to a lack of food. one word for you: KARMA. Giuliana voiced her opinon and you are slamming her for just stating what she believes. you're pathetic.

  • Vanessa

    The best choice for Christian Grey is Alex Pettyfer, he suits the description perfectly!!!

  • Dani

    100% agree with Giuliana !! Kristen and Chris are perfect for the role !!!


    No to either... Unless they combine all three of the books into one movie to make some kind of a story instead of all sex all the time, like in the first book, this movie is just going to be a porno..and I can't see either Kris or Chris doing this movie if there is no substance to the script. Some books are better as books..

  • jenn

    yes absolutely chris at christian grey is perfect, i think its all about the expressions he makes, plus he's voice, that voice is perfect

  • Leah Klein
    Leah Klein

    idk. kristen wouldnt be bad, but not kristen and rob... too twilight. it needs to be two different ppl. either her and someone else or not at all.

  • twinklemepink06

    ok, giuliana has finally gone off the deep end from lack of calories. neither one of those people suite the characters. she needs to get a life and eat a sandwich, ffs.

  • jannie

    She's so right! I have pictured Kristen and Chris as Ana and Christian since the moment I started reading ! They would be perfect :-) Christian - tall, blond, longish hair, handsome = Chris ! Ana - beautiful, petit, brown long hair = Kristen ! Or Robert would do as Christian too, but that's probably wishful thinking ;-)

  • Ximena Lopez
    Ximena Lopez

    YES! kristen stewart will be awsome but not with chris hemsworth, I agree with katia...kristen stewart as anastasia steele and robert pattinson as christian grey! <3

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    she knows nothing about the film business at all what so ever and she's actually going to be 37 August 17th


    NO!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT KRISTEN STEWART AS ANASTASIA!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay

    lol..Rancic was joking way did i see these two do fifty shades of grey.i hope its just in her imagination

  • Joanna

    uhm no!

  • katia

    I like CH...but NO. I don't even know if I want Kristen in this, but if she did it...the only one she can play this is WITH ROBERT PATTINSON.

  • katia

    NO WAY!!!!!