Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles Hang Out at 'Watch the Throne' Concert (PHOTOS)

New Friends!
Kim Kardashian and Beyonce at 'Watch The Throne' Concert

It was only a matter of time until Kim Kardashian started hanging out with pop superstar Beyonce Knowles. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet, 31, who is dating Jay-Z's best friend Kanye West, was spotted hanging with the "Love on Top" singer, as they watched their men perform their Watch the Throne concert in Birmingham, England.

The two were seen dancing and singing together in the crowd during the show and appeared to be having a great time. Kardashian donned a curve-hugging ensemble, while Beyonce, 30, opted for a casual white shirt and leggings.

The twosome have put to rest the pesky rumors that they were on bad terms. So who was behind bridging the great divide?

According to UK's The Sun, West set up a dinner for the two gals and they instantly clicked.

“Kanye organized a dinner in his hotel suite for the girls to clear the air. He’s hoping that now they’re pals, it will lead to further get-togethers away from the tour," a source said.

“Beyonce has now welcomed Kim into their clan.”

What do you think of this budding friendship? Tell us in the comments! Plus, watch Kardashian open up about her new romance on Oprah's Next Chapter, in the video below.

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  • alessssss

    RT..I just cant stand kk. bubble head.

  • ciarra jones
    ciarra jones

    kim looks normal

  • Victoria

    Kim looks so normal...kind of

  • annie

    Never thought of Beyonce as a friend of Kim Kardashian. It seems odd, but Beynce's back was probably up against the wall. It will be only a matter of time before Kim stabs Beyonce in the back and tries use this to her advantage. Leopards dont' change their spots.. but maybe we don't know the real Beyonce, maybe she is down with phonyness. maybe she is phony also. good luck Beyonce...

  • narla72

    Agree - Since KW and JZ are friends Bey has to grin and bear it lol.

  • caramel

    It's obvious Beyonce did not want to be seen with port a- potty.

  • ...

    what the hell is this? Is beyonce hanging with KK???? And KK what are you doing? You always love the camera's why not now?