Meet & Greet: Singer Angelique Sabrina Talks Rihanna Comparisons — ‘I Completely Understand It’

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The island life has certainly influenced Bahamian singer-songwriter Angelique Sabrina in many ways.

Her debut single, “Pull Up,” has already been likened to Barbados-native Rihanna’s island-tinged breakout hit, “Pon De Replay.” And the chart-topper is still climbing — and has even inspired its very own dance move!

How does Sabrina feel about being compared to RiRi? Celebuzz caught up with the singer to chat about her burgeoning career.

MTV has labeled you “the next Rihanna.” How do you feel about that?

I completely understand it. I am very honored to be compared to a woman like Rihanna because I can definitely relate to her — being from the islands and her being from Barbados. She has done a lot coming from the islands and I can look up to her as well.

Tell us a little bit about your upbringing on the islands.

My mom and my dad both make music. My mom sings and my dad plays piano. My dad is a producer, as well. They play for the church and we’d always go to rehearsals. I grew up around music with my dad, my grandmother and grandfather. I just was brought up in a very musical house.

Aside from Rihanna, whose music career do you want to emulate?

I am really into Bruno Mars. I love Bruno Mars and I love Adele, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Tony Bennet. I have a lot of different categories that I am into. If you look at my iTunes, I have a lot of different music. But I absolutely love Bruno Mars!

Who is your dream collaboration?

I think I would like to write with Bruno Mars because of his writing style. When I hear stories about the way he came up with certain songs, I think it is so amazing. I would love to write with him and be in the studio with him.

Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

I listen to a lot of Disney. I have the classics, though. I have a complete playlist of the classics, like Cinderella and The Lion King. Also, I’m always listening to Broadway musical like Cats. I listen to a lot of Broadway classics. People probably wouldn’t guess that of me so I guess that is a guilty pleasure for me.

Aside from musicals, what would you say is your summer jam at this moment?

I would hope to say “Pull Up!” But I still kind of revisit Michael Jackson a lot. I was listening to Michael Jackson today, so I guess you could say that is my summer jam.

Check out the music video for Sabrina’s “Pull Up” below.