'Real Housewives of New Jersey's' Melissa Gorga on Teresa Giudice Feud: Everything Is Going to Come Out

RHONJ Melissa & Teresa Drama Still Unraveling

Viewers watching the Sunday, June 24 episode of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey may have witnessed a brief reprieve in the bitter family feud between stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga but the drama is far from over -- offscreen.

The two haven't spoken since September 2011 after Teresa declared that her younger brother Joe, Melissa’s husband of eight years, was the “the meanest brother ever," during an episode of the hit BRAVO reality show.

Gorga opened up to Celebuzz about their bitter relationship, adding that "everything is going to come out."

Despite reports, Gorga claims she never attempted to take down her sister-in-law and that Giudice should get over the fact that she's now one of her fellow castmembers.

"When there is an issue, I approach it and hit it head on. I speak the truth. If I do something wrong then I own it," Gorga told Celebuzz at Life & Style's 2012 Summer Style Awards bash at Dream Hotel's rooftop.

Speaking about the family feud playing out on TV, Gorga loosely explained: "Everything is going to come out. No matter what you do, it comes back to bite you in the butt."

Earlier this month, the Housewives stars' battle came to a head, when they made separate taped appearances on The View. Giudice appeared on the couch first and quickly went on the offensive, accusing Gorga and Kathy Wakile, Teresa’s cousin, of joining the cast of the show behind her back.

Despite the embattled headlines, Gorga would like to move on and end the drama.

"I'm trying to steer clear of a lot of the nonsense. I have a beautiful life and have so much to be thankful for," Gorga said, adding that she is "hopeful" that the family will reconcile one day.

What do you think about the Housewives drama? Who's side are you on? Tell us in the comments, below.

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  • Marion Rassias Greene
    Marion Rassias Greene

    chi se ne frega?

  • Jayne

    I think they should all watch the movie "EDTV" and see that they are all a part of it. This week showed more than ever that they are all to blame. Mind your own business!!

  • nat

    Melissa is the jealous one She went behind Teresa to contacted Danielle to set up Teresa cause she hated her, Maybe next time Melissa should think of her nieces. Caroline said on the reunion that Teresa wanted to sabotage Melissa but when they had that talk Jac never said it was true. Before they got on the show they were living in a three bed room house. Joe Gorga got a loan to build that house he stiffed the contractors that worked on that home. They only moved in a to look rich and better then Teresa they thought if they had teresa name in their mouth they would make millions, and they only thing that have now it alot of illegal problems and have to move that out that house

  • Dee

    The whole point is where their relationship was at the time they joined the show and how they got there. Melissa admitted she hated Teresa at the time when she contacted Danielle so her intentions were to publicly hurt her SIL. Just because she and Kathy have been on for two seasons now does not mean Teresa has gotten over the betrayal she felt and has to accept it now and feel like filming herself resolving issues that were private at the time. Teresa didnt ask for two seasons of her family's problems to be worked out and aired for the world to see. The point isnt about who has a better personality or who has talent (or not) or who lies, which they all do!!! Its about taking opportunities to be famous at someone elses expense and to hurt them out of their own jealousy and bitterness. Look at the bigger picture to see why Teresa has become so frustrated and angry. IMO, I dont think Jac and Teresa's friendship would have ended so badly if Teresa wasnt always trying to show her side of things and felt like she had to prove to her friends that Melissa was not innocent about her intentions on joining the show. Jac didnt want to have drama with them while filming and wanted Teresa to forgive and forget for her own peace and quiet. She said that herself on WWHL. Jacqueline is not someone to cross because she makes it her job to crush people she no longer is involved with. I think she is worse then Teresa and Melissa in that now she is revealing all Teresa's business out of anger. What a friend. Im glad I don't know anyone like these women. They're all very mean and vicious to each other. It used to be more natural, as far as reality shows go, now it seems so scripted.

  • Lyndi Lee
    Lyndi Lee

    Thank you Lisa Eaton!! I get so upset with the Bravo blogs! That was a huge part of the appeal to the RHO that reeled me in as a fan! So we're agreed there! Now onto this huge farce of all that's Melissa/Caroline/Jac...I feel like my head's spinning trying to keep up, as it does go back since season 2. After the intervention, (ha!) Caroline went straight to Teressa's family & tried to paint herself as lovingly, gently releasing T as her (fake, who needs enemies) friend, blah blah blah. Caroline even smack talked, eye rolled T back then, e.g. the Italy trip. Jac should have told her good friend Teresa last season how she had began to feel about her instead of the double edged blogs she was writing. As for Melissa, what a LIAR! She continuously steps in her own cr_p & continues to be the sweet, injured innocent, "who, me?" It has ALL come out that the only 'contact' Teresa had w/Danielle was a "Thanx for telling the truth" reply, that, if I understood correctly, was a (devious) tweet to MELISSA asking if she had ever come clean about their plan to take T down 2nd Season. Now, Jac,Caroline & Chris are all saying T tried to bring Danielle back into their midst. I see a the makings of a twisted, conniving set up here, Bravo approved, maybe directed, called slay Teressa Guidice. If the Reunion begins anything like Season 3's did, I am turning off my tv and honestly boycotting all Bravo programing, that's a promise! (One my family, quite frankly, would be thrilled with!)

  • lydia mee
    lydia mee

    I adore Melissa. Teresa is delusional. She is so sad to watch!!!

  • Lisa Eaton
    Lisa Eaton

    I can't fathom how many people that actually watch the show be blinded by truth ... These people must have decided to start watching the show recently and not since season one .... Can anyone remember the table flip episode when Jacko and Chris took danielle staub side over there sister Dina & Caroline (loyal) they were both attacking Dina calling her liars so on so on .... WHY the double standards I also think its funny how bravo blocked the comments on blogs because the viewers or clearly seeing these delusional no class washed up women attack their once long time friend over jealousy and envy ... Melissa wrote a statement recently saying she tells like it is ... She is real... If she dose something wrong she owns up to it .... Umm at the reunion you denied communicating with Daniele you exchanged emails on Facebook And that was it you tried to portray an innocent character to viewers .... last night you said a completely different answer to the Danielle question ....I got mad and contacted your enemy might I add that she made a comment about Jacko and caro punching in the face and Caroline complains on her blog about Teresa bringing it up but it's ok for Melissa to make an example of it with why she contacted Daniele ??? Kathy lol I can't I just can't she has no reason to have an issue with Teresa she is bench warmer !!! Done with this show If they keep the manzos and wakiles

  • Tammy Marie Jones
    Tammy Marie Jones

    I think it is time for Teresa to get removed from the show for good. i am done. She is a total liar

  • Brenda Miller
    Brenda Miller

    Melissa she is laid back and has fun she isn't Drama Teresa starts it all and she is jealous of Melissa and she has every right to be she is a Beautiful woman.Teresa has Big eyes and a funky body. And her attuide makes her so ugly inside and out she hasn't got a chance. Teresa has no friends now so she is going to do every thing in her power to win her love for Joe back. But its not going to be that easy she is jealous of Melissa . So what she writes Cook books. Melissa is a singer and a damn good one. And Melissa corrects her children she doesn't let her kids act like Teresa's child they have no manners and so rude when guest comes who wants to be hit and slap when visiting not me.. But Teresa better take a hold of her kids now or they will be out of hand Brats..Especially that little one needs a ass whipping.Teresa get a life and let everyone else live theirs. I thinks its going to be funny when everyone is having fun at the gatherings and you won't be invited. you have had your last time with the Circle they don't want you know more and I personally don't blame them you and thats Daughter of yours are ball babies...........