Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart's Wedding Weekend: New Details of Their Hollywood Producer Pal's Big Day (PHOTOS)

R-Patz & K-Stew: Click For Pics!
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Attend Wedding Together

Snow White and the Huntsman star Kristen Stewart has been doing some serious globe trotting over the last month.

After arriving back in Los Angeles Thursday from press duties in Australia, Stewart, 22, hopped back on a plane to attend a wedding in New Jersey with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, 26.

Kristen was Rob's date to Hollywood producer Kevin Turen's wedding on Saturday. The Twilight stars partied with friends and guests like Zac Efron and Andrew Garfield, but the had couple only had eyes for each other. (Well, duh -- of course!)

"Rob and Kristen rarely left each other's sides all night," a wedding guest tells Celebuzz. "They arrived together, and were holding hands while talking with some of [the groom's] family."

Pattinson tried his hand at DJ'ing a bit, as you can see in the photo gallery above, and Stewart looked on laughing as he tried to figure it out.

"It was really cute," adds the source. "When he was done he playfully ran over and grabbed her. They looked so in love! It seemed like they had a really fun night."

It was a long, fun night indeed-- the party raged on until the sun came up.

The couple also "kissed and laughed" the night away, but their PDA wasn't obnoxious "just really cute," according to Celebuzz sources.

Rob also spent time catching up with Andrew Garfield, who has been busy promoting The Amazing Spider-Man. Garfield was absent his on and off-screen love, Emma Stone who had work commitments.

Stewart and Pattinson are always so supportive of each other. See what Kristen had to say about Rob's birthday when we talked with her in London:

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  • trish22

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  • anon

    She is great! Don't hate.

  • mileyismylife

    Kristen is a knockout, no matter what she wears.

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  • mimimouse

    I've worn jeans in weddings and it was totally fine... I think u're just jealous ;)

  • Nicole

    and is she did wear a dress but didnt smile, we would still be listening o the haters... got nothing nice to say, dont say it at all!!!

  • viper

    yep amen... to all the haters - can't say anything. well actually they can but it will never change the fact that they will never be as beautiful as successful & just awesome like kristen is. so gutsy, is not ashamed to be who she is, is proud of what she does and does not get swayed or influenced by others. Thats confidence i am sure her bf rpattz is poud of. doesn't matter what other thinks her success will speak for itself.

  • Tess

    2 all U haters... are u even close to as rich as she is? with beauty,sexiness and a handsome BF? she's only 22 yrs. old and already a multimillionaire. She's a very smart girl, who comes from a loving family. Stop criticizing her. Get over it.

  • Gracin

    Did you read the first part of this article that said After arriving back in LAThursday after press duties in Australia?

  • Gracin

    Why do you care what Kristen wore? It wasn't your wedding. Were you a guest at the wedding? If not, how do you know if the reception was casual or not? You being not a fan makes no sense.

  • NotaFan

    Wow. What weddings are you invited to? Jeans are never acceptable at a church or temple wedding. Additionally, the reception wasn't casual. If she wore a borrowed dress to the wedding why change into jeans when everyone else is dressed up? It makes no sense.

  • yazmin

    So if ur not a fan why are you so intrested in looking at pic of them and know where they where before the wedding ? and making cmments about it

  • lasark

    ok, not sure where you get the idea that wearing jeans to a wedding or reception is disrespectful....its not.your just looking for a reason to bitch and moan,and if you took the time to do any research you would find she borrowed a dress.people wear jeans to weddings all the time,just beacuse you haven't seen it yet doesn't mean it has not happened.

  • trish22

    First of all, I'm not a fan of his. Second, she didn't just come back from Sydney because they were seen at a concert together in California on Thursday. Get your facts straight. Lastly, the fact that he's very proud of her means he's really not as smart as I thought he was. I don't care who you are, wearing jeans to a wedding is disrespectful.

  • candy

    Do crazy ppl criticize Kristin for not breathing or walking the way they want her to? I mean some of the comments criticizing her are over the top crazy. She wore a dress to the wedding. Get over it.

  • gemma

    her luggage got lost at the air port and had to borrow a dress from the grooms sister for the wedding .

  • Pam

    Well she was coming back from a flight from Sydney and then she flew immediatly to NJ,it can happen. She's not a robot or something,you know. BTW the fact that Rob spends ALWAYS good words on Kristen as actress and as a person,explains that he's very proud of her. He should be embarassed to have fans like you :)

  • trish22

    That's ridiculous. How do you forget your dress when you're going to a wedding? He looks incredibly handsome and she looks like crap. I honestly don't know how he's not embarassed to be seen with her. She should have at least made an effort.

  • kvaughn75

    According to People Magazine she forgot her dress and borrowed the groom's sister's for the cerermony. Perhaps she didn't want to spill anything on it or get all sweaty dancing in it. Amazed how judgemental people have been about this.

  • Kay

    so cute

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    It's a lovely couple, perfect ..... I'm happy for them!! I admire Kristen for being so talented and integrates, congratulations to the sweet couple!

  • c

    I love Rob's hair this length although he is too beautiful when he looks like this. He should shave it all again so he's not as stunning. Men get really jealous.

  • Kay

    Awww Rob and Kris are so cute.forthe people asking.she wore a dress to the wedding but changed later on..

  • Kat

    She wore a dress to the wedding but changed for the reception

  • katia

    I love this article <3333

  • Md. Omor Faruque
    Md. Omor Faruque


  • June

    Kristen looked beautiful.

  • Paula Gegenheimer Bower
    Paula Gegenheimer Bower

    Did she have to wear jeans to the wedding?


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