Rodney King’s Burial Ground Selected: Forest Lawn Cemetery In Hollywood Hills (EXCLUSIVE)

Relatives of Rodney King will bury the oft-troubled man at Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills on June 30 funeral, Celebuzz has exclusively learned.

The funeral will be at the Hall of Liberty at 2 p.m. this Saturday, the same auditorium used for the private funeral of superstar Michael Jackson before the King of Pop’s service at the Staples Center in 2009, a source confirmed.

Actor David Carradine’s funeral was also held at the Hall, which seats 1200 people, and most recently, Don Cornelius’ memorial service.

It will be open to the public.

47-year-old King, who died on June 17 in a backyard swimming pool at his home in Rialto, Calif., will forever be remembered as an unwitting symbol of police brutality after his 1991 beating.

The daughter of the Celebrity Rehab alumn, Lora Dene King, sent a Twitter message to Alicia Keys last week, telling the singer her music would be part of the service.

“Wanted to let you know that my dad luvd you and was a huge fan. So at his service we will be playn your song,” her tweet said.

“I don’t want to believe it,” Lora said in another tweet to rap mogul Russell Simmons. “Keep waking up hoping I had a bad dream about my dad.”

King will be buried at Forest Lawn later that day, the same cemetery where Bette DavisLucille Ball and Brittany Murphy have been buried.

It’s been reported King’s fiancée won’t be invited to his funeral — because his family thinks she may have been involved in his untimely death.

Cynthia Kelley frantically called 911 Sunday week ago at 5 a.m. to report that King was lying at the bottom of their pool unconscious.

King’s family is skeptical of his fiancée’s story and even though cops have ruled out foul play, they reportedly suspect something sinister occurred.

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