Bikini-Clad Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Major Cleavage in Rio (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Lopez is once again proving that age is just a number.

Donning a barely-there maroon bikini and trendy Dita sunglasses, the 42-year-old beauty and pop star flaunted her sexy curves this week while she was in Rio De Janeiro.

The "Get on the Floor" singer soaked up the sun and spent a few hours with her twins Emme and Max, 4, at the hotel pool.

The kids appeared to be having a great time learning how to swim with their bodyguard.

What brings J.Lo to South America?

The hot mama is busy with her South American "Dance Again" tour, but is still making plenty of time for her family. She tweeted:

"Beautiful day in Rio with my coconuts."

Yesterday, Lopez hit the beaches of Brazil in a teeny white bikini. Playing in the sand with her 4-year-old twins, the American Idol judge flaunted her toned bikini bod.

Meanwhile, her beau, Casper Smart, 25, was nearby and showing off his shirtless bod. The back-up dancer, who began dating Lopez last November, quickly joined in on the beach fun.

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  • jesus christ
    jesus christ

    Perfect? What? She has a big ass and small breasts! perect i think not. Kate Upton, yes perfect!

  • smart

    You need to learn how to spell. It really sounds ad if you are jealous of her. There is noway that she is fat, as you say. She is perfect. Who are you to judge anyone?! Get a life. You're probably a drain on our society.


    She is STILL the sexiest woman in the world!

  • Fillip Gruber
    Fillip Gruber

    Hey I have ta say you do have nice abs as stomach wow. As you do seem fit as I worked for a local tree service for nearly 10 years as now I'm a driver as I travel the 48. I wish I did meet you on the road as tell you that you are great wiyh your movies as your songs as very gifted. As I was almost killed at the age of 8 August 8 or so as or almost in a wheelchair as I have extreme head injury as out standing head aches that sometimes keep me awake at night. I also sometimes wake up ta see the mans face in the windshield as I fly over the car as I scream till I hit the curb head first. The curb I hit almost vanished with my head on it. The doctors said I'll be a vegtable as I wal as type this to you as I'm not sure what ta say nor do as not all is like me nor understand me. As take care Fillip Gruber of Michigan as I was hit in South Haven as moved ta Mount Morris recently to be a farmer as well.


    Sorry but no matter which way you cut it she is NOT wearing a BIKINI!! That friends is called a ONE PIECE.

  • AA

    Matthew Zink, give me a break, she hidden her fat ass and stomach with that clothing rape around her, get your eyes check, she looks like a cow lost at the beach, where I come from that’s call obesity.

  • Matthew Zink
    Matthew Zink

    Jlo, you look INCREDIBLE in our Charlie by Matthew Zink "Charlie one piece".....the same one you were shot in for Vogue June 2012!! Hope you enjoyed Rio! XOXO -Matthew Zink