Charlie Sheen Talks Meltdown On Jimmy Fallon: ‘What Was I Winning?’ (VIDEO)

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Hindsight is always twenty-twenty — even for Charlie Sheen.

Looking back on his tiger blood-fueled, “winning” breakdown on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Sheen asked, “What was I talking about? I’d lost my children, my job, my money, my stature and my mind. What was I winning?”

But now he’s back with a vengeance on his FX series, Anger Management. “This is a winning moment, man,” Sheen said.

After spending a year in treatment, the former Two And A Half Men actor is turning the tables — playing a therapist in his new sitcom, premiering June 28. “The show is about an ex-baseball player whose own anger destroyed his career,” Sheen explained. “I go back to school to get my teaching degree and I come back as an anger management therapist.”

So what did Sheen take away from his weekly shrink sessions? “They talk about counting to ten,” he said. “Or in my case I have to count my teeth to buy a few more seconds. They talk about keeping it contained, and if it’s about to go bad, just leave the room. Just always know where the exit is.”

And the highlight of the night came when the Major League star faced off against Fallon in a batting competition. Let’s play hardball, boys!