John Stamos Talks ’50 Shades of Grey,’ Fear of Settling Down on Set of His Film ‘My Man Is a Loser’

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Perpetual playboy John Stamos may seem like a shoe-in to play handsome Christian Grey in the erotic 50 Shades of Grey film, but he isn’t sold on the idea — yet.

“I haven’t read [the book],” Stamos admitted to Celebuzz while on the set of his upcoming movie, My Man Is a Loser.

Even with his castmate Michael Rapaport championing him for the role, the 48-year-old actor feels like a “TV hack,” adding that we’ll likely see Ryan Gosling in the role instead.

Christian Grey aside, Stamos has his hands full playing a playboy in his new film, a role he believes is a both a blessing and a curse.

In a candid conervsation, the Full House actor admitted he’d like to settle down but can’t seem to shed his player persona.

Since his divorce from Rebecca Romijn in 2004, Stamos has been romantically linked to several women in Hollywood, sending his over-the-top image into overdrive.

“I try not to get trapped into everybody’s image of who they think I am or who I should be. You turn on Howard Stern, he’s making me out to be this guy that I’m really not,” Stamos said.

“I’m a guy that wants to be in a relationship and should be in a relationship. Sometimes I’m afraid of it because I don’t want to let people down… You get caught up in it. You don’t want to disappoint people.”

Stamos, who is currently filming his movie in New York, also talked about his exploits — which couldn’t seem further from the party animal he’s portrayed to be.

“You think I’m in New York, playing around. I sometimes feel the responsibility to be that guy… [but] I’ve been in New York for five weeks now, and I’ve gone to bed by myself,” he said.

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