Katy Perry on Religious Childhood: Deviled Eggs Were 'Angel Eggs,' No Smurfs and Her Sister’s Sin


Katy Perry is an almost archetypal pop superstar — but growing up, she was just a sheltered California girl.

“My parents are traveling ministers, Pentecostal, born-again Christian,” the “Part of Me” singer said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “[So] I was raised in church.”

With her religion came some heavy-duty restrictions.

“I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV and it was very censored,” Perry recalled.

“It was really strange. And get this, I wasn’t allowed to watch The Smurfs. And now I’m Smurfette. I really know how to stick it to ’em.”

Even her cuisine choices had to be church-conscious. “I wasn’t allowed to eat deviled eggs cause they were called deviled,” Perry said. “So I had to call them angel eggs before I put them in my mouth.”

Her “perfect and sweet” sister once even got booted from the family home for “one sin,” said Perry. “She’s like an angelic figure…[and] she’s sinned maybe once in her life. She stole like a bra and panty set from Macy’s… [it got]her kicked out and moved to Arizona.”

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Even though Perry has left behind her born-again upbringing, she can still count her family members as fans. “They’ll all be here tomorrow [for my premiere],” Perry said. Even her 91-year-old grandma (who’s “full of sass”) will be in the house. “She doesn’t acknowledge I’m actually famous,” Perry added, but “she’s proud of me.”



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  • CJ

    I never heard her talk in an interview before and a. her voice is really annoying, b. she tries real hard but she is not funny. Russell must have been SO pussy whipped to put up with that.