Rihanna’s Masked ‘Justin Bieber’ Mystery Solved: No, It’s Not Chris Brown (UPDATE)

RiRi's Sexiest Twitpics
Rihanna heats up Twitter with her scantily clad photos.
Rihanna stirred up plenty of laughs when she posted a photo of herself kissing someone disguised as Justin Bieber via Instagram.

Who is the masked pal, dressed as the “Boyfriend” singer, 18, sitting on a toilet in a public restroom?

The photograph sparked a spirited debate among the Celebuzz team as well as our readers speculating that it might be her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, but thanks to some sly photo investigation the masked Bieber’s identity has been uncovered.

Who is RiRi’s mystery man?

According to Celebuzz sources, the guy pictured on the porcelain throne is actually one of Rihanna’s backup dancers! (VIEW FULL PHOTO on Rihanna’s Instagram).

The theory of Rihanna toying with the media with a photoshopped picture of her ex may seem far fetched but stranger things have happened in Hollywood.

Speculative reports surfaced earlier this month of a reconciliation when Brown and Rihanna were seen at the same NYC nightclub, SL.

“Everyone in the business assumes she and Chris are getting back together, and it is only a matter of time before they’ll be more public about it.

“It’s like she is testing the water — first they work on music together, then they hang out in a friendly way, so the public won’t be completely shocked when they step out together publicly,” the source told NY Post’s Page Six,

Last week, both singers were in New York, when Brown and Drake had an altercation on June 14 at hotspot, W.i.P. The two stars – and their posses – allegedly began an argument over pop star Rihanna.  Before long, tempers flared and bottles flew, leaving 23-year-old Brown with a cut chin and at least eight others injured.

Among them: NBA star Tony Parker, aka Eva Longoria’s ex-husband, who last week filed a $20 million lawsuit against W.i.P. Parker, 30, says he suffered lacerations to his cornea allegedly caused by shards of broken glass.

The NYC club where Chris Brown and Drake famously brawled may soon be shut down.

According to the NY Post, the State Liquor Authority has filed a total of 14 charges against club W.i.P and the Greenhouse club where it’s located. The alleged offenses include not stopping the Brown/Drake melee, plus seven other charges for other fights, noise violations and even two drug-related incidents.

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