Ann Curry To Stay On With NBC News, Natalie Morales May Leave 'TODAY': REPORTS

Who's Out?

Natalie Morales may be the next Today show anchor to leave the top-rated morning show.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Morales, who's been with the show since 2006, isn't pleased that she may not be chosen to succeed Ann Curry.

"If Natalie’s passed over for the job, she’s going to leave next," a source told the publication.

Curry may be leaving the NBC morning show as early as the end of the week, report several news outlets.

A rep for NBC Universal shot down the claims that Morales was unhappy in her position, calling the report "totally untrue."

Curry may not be on Today for long, but it's believed that she will stay on with NBC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is working on a "substantial" role for the reporter on its NBC News team.

As reported earlier this week, NBC is expected to pay Curry the remainder of her $10 million contract and replace her with Savannah Guthrie, who co-hosts the 9 a.m. hour of Today. Hoda Kotb, of Hoda and Kathie Lee fame, has also reportedly been considered as a replacement.

What do you think of these possible TODAY show transitions? Who do you want to replace Curry and/or Morales? Let us know, below.

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  • Dianne

    I'm wondering if NBC is smart enough to get the message finally. I have read only one or two commments that are even remotely positive about the changes on the Today Show. I hope Ann can move on to a different network. I don't know how she can even stay with them at all. I don't revenge is ours to have; it is for God alone; however, I think I might be tempted to smile (or lol) if the ratings prove all of us right. It's disgusting how they handled this.. and yes Matt should have been the one to go...and yes Lester would be good... We want news... and a little good news now and then as well as the bad. Leave the cooking to Wolfgang or Emeril or one of those dudes.. That belongs on their shows... not a news show. Bring the professionalism back to News.. If you don't have hours of news everday... do something positive or cut down of the time span of the show.. We don't need the Hollywood crap and fashion show either.. Give them their own show.

  • Mattneedstogo

    Ann said good bye and so do I to the Today show. Poor Ann having to sit there by Matt as she said goodbye. Matt then said she was the nicest, etc., etc. She wouldn't even look at him, she knows he's the one that screwed her over. Al and Natalie looked so sad. Everyone should be afraid for their jobs, if they can treat someone that has been there almost 20 years, no one is safe. I hate Matt Lauer now. I will no longer watch any NBC shows. Bite Me!

  • Lew

    Throw Ann under the bus? Really classy move, guys. You think your ratings are poor now, just wait a month. One free piece of advice before i watch GMA each morning: Savannah?? Really?? Natalie or Hoda is the only way its going to work

  • Sally Gobrecht
    Sally Gobrecht

    I really like Ann Curry and will hate to see her go. The one person on Today that I absolutely HATE is Kathy Lee. Hoda does not need Kathy Lee, that's for sure. If the powers that be ax Ann, I'll change to GMA.

  • Jan

    The today show has gotten so silly that I often watch CBS..if Guthrie gets Ann's job, I'm gone for good.

  • Mattneedstogo

    Word. Ann has always spoke the same. She has a lovely, caring voice. She does care about the people in the stories, her beautiful stories from all around the world. Buh bye, I can't watch Matt throw is weight around anymore. He just is not worth it. I'll try other shows. Heck, I'd rather watch old Andy Griffith shows and such. That's what I replaced the 4th hour with and since Regis left, Kelly ain't that great so I watch old Lucy shows, what's two more hours to fill. Look at Al. His face shows the stress of what is going on and you can tell he doesn't like it. Ann is his friend. I remember Ann practically begging Meredith to stay. I think she knew the position was not for her and now wishes she never accepted the promotion. Whoever sits across from Matt will lose, because Matt was losing viewers, then Meredith saved it and Matt lost it again, not Ann. The other morning shows have just out done Today. I digress.........

  • Mattneedstogo

    Campbell Brown used to be on NBC, they let her walk too.

  • Mattneedstogo

    Ann Curry is the best. So classy and dignified. I have watched NBC and Today all my life but Savannah is a gawky goof, and passing over Natalie? Who is making these decisions? Matt. Some of his comments like "why are we mentioning her?" have aired and it shows what a bully he is. I no longer like Matt and he is not holding the show together, he is holding it down. He just isn't that great and the ratings will eventually show that.

  • Petra Glyph
    Petra Glyph

    Ann Curry's best role is that of foreign correspondent - hope she demands a fun location. Make her bureau chief or senior foreign correspondent in Paris or London. As for her successor - I don't understand why anyone should feel entitled to be co-host of the gig. Chris Cuomo left GMA when George Steph. got that job (Chris wanted it) and now Natalie Morales might leave Today because Savannah Guthrie is being offered the job. That's not how it works. I like Savannah and Natalie, but I'm not sure either personalities are co-host material. NBC should think about getting Maria Shriver or someone outside the box like Katty Kay from BBC News. I'd watch more if they had a revolving third co-host (not Al, Natalie, or Savannah) who was funny and entertaining. I'd pick Molly Shannon, Bill Cosby, Jennifer Anniston. The revolving co-host works well for Kelly Ripa.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams

    NO Savannah Guthrie, GMA here I come. Robin is superior in morning television to Savannah, who thinks she knows more than anyone. So much for her being an Attorney, who wants to look at one in the AM. NBC will never get it together, How many morning hostesses have come/gone. Look at ABC they now have Amy Robach, Natalie there is room for you too. You are too much class to let NBC do you in.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams


  • jen

    What's with all the man-hating? I like Matt Lauer.

  • Boopbetty

    I was a loyal, faithful Today Show viewer for decades until Ann assumed her new role. Found her disingenuous, saccharin and transparent. Sorry! That's the way i saw it. She was very transpaprent. I'm sure she's a nice lady but she came across as always wanting the grab the limelight. I switched to GMA several months ago and find it so very refreshing...

  • Pat

    I agree could not have said it better. Ann goes I go. Savannah does not have what it takes. Also get rid of the 4th hour boring.

  • cccourt

    Betty Boop? Really? You like those vocal modulation changes? She is horrid.

  • cccourt

    If NBC would hire executives who knew anything about viewers AND the talents of the people they hire (or promote) theywouldn't make so many horrid mistkes. I mean, Conan O'Brien for a still viable Jay Leno? How stupid was that? And because Conan DEMANDED the Tonight show "in five years." Conan was perfect at his spot. PERFECT. But to place Ann Curry in the co-host seat...especialy after Meredith? How stupid. now place her in a prominent position in NBC News? goodness...listening to that horrid voice in the a.m. is night on the news is even worse. Take your money Ann and go to the house.

  • Karen

    I couldn't agree more. I think Ann Curry is the most professional woman on any of the morning shows. When she goes, I go! It's not her fault that NBC ratings have fallen - it's the fluff content of the show.

  • lisa1c

    I echo what others have said about Ann, 'she can be very professional in one segment & then fun-loving in the next'. I wish her the best if this is all true. Please NO Savannah Guthrie! I don't care for her on-air personality at all. I don't watch the 3rd hour because of her & cringe when they put her on early in the program. I even cringe when Brian Williams has her on in the evenings. I too don't usually make comments, but was sad to hear all this mess might be happening.

  • cmiller2005

    Getting rid of Ann Curry is the "biggest mistake" the Today show has made. Ann Curry is so likeable, and professional. You don't get tired of seeing her--unlike Matt Lauer. He needs to leave the show before anyone.

  • cmiller2005

    You hit the nail right on the head. I completely agree with you. Ann is so professional. She asks the right questions to celebrities, and doesn't doesn't pressure them to answer questions. Don't want her to go.

  • Sheli

    Some people just have too much “Power/Money” and need to remember how hard everyone works to get where they are today… Ann C. “Many love you” and this is crushing to hear you’re leaving and possibly others too, maybe someone should really look at those enforcing the changes to the Today Show, “What’s the matter with you people” when things are “Great” you don’t start making changes or stirring the pot this will bring destruction to the “Today Show”

  • Glen

    I am concerned about the rumored ouster of Ann Curry. I have been a loyal viewer of the Today since Meridith Vierra became co-host. I love Ann Curry and applauded her promotion. If she leaves the Today show, I will be compelled to try out other morning shows like CBS and Good Morning America. I watch every day and DVR the Today show from 7AM - 9AM and watch later if I am busy. Ann Curry's professionalism is to be commended. I do not like the interviewing skills of Savanah Guthrie. I don't usually write, but felt I needed to voice my concerns.

  • Steve

    a ps to that: NBC had to give the job to Ann Curry, she had a contract clause that would guarantee the promotion or she could leave. Its obvious Matt Lauer intended, with the brass, to never support or promote her. She was never given the fanfare Meredith was given (thank god.). This all seems too planned, almost. They want her gone before they go to London. Chemistry takes two. Matt is a douchebag. Karma is a bitch.

  • Steve

    I always wondered why Matt Lauer has no male competition on the Today Show? Why has Al Roker never subbed? This mess is exactly what is wrong with the American workplace: white, male executives moving people around like chess pieces. Ann Curry has far meatier credentials than Matt Lauer, he was a former pretty boy soft reporter for local news in NY before he became the news reader for Today. He has a notorious temper and exudes zero charm on camera. Yet he remains unchallenged. Lester Holt is fantastic, why is he not considered cohost next to Matt? Oh yeah, that chess game of sexism! The Today Show resembles something now on QVC: a newsie like program filled with endless product placements and promotions. ABC will win this fight and at least Good Morning America knows its not a serious morning news program. I love the phony above it all attitude Matt Lauer tries to give and how he completely disappears from set for the fluff pieces he deems beneath him.

  • Rita Spiteri
    Rita Spiteri

    I feel Ann is an excellent part of the today show, I was so happy when she got the job, she has done everything to help the show, who the heck does Matt Lauder think he is, get rid of him and keep Ann after all he gets all the good trips while Ann has to go to the north pole I am so done with the show, I would move on Ann as you are better that them Rita

  • Carol Ingle
    Carol Ingle

    The ratings fell because of the crummy format of the show. It does very little news and lots of informercials. At least that's what I see. The problem is the other guys got Charley Rose and Gail King. If Ann goes Matt needs to be gone too. The show got longer and less news. The Cathy Hoda show Sucks out loud. When Ann goes so do I. I've been wanting to watch Charley and Gail anyway. NOwWI WILL

  • Kern

    Ann is an excellent journalist and too professional for the fluff and puff of Today. Natalie is talented and should be next in line, but I would hate to see her ruined. Savannah should have stayed behind the desk at MSNBC. Her 'valley girl' sound is annoying. Amy Robach is a loss. Maybe she knew something early on in this mess. Well, that leaves Matt and Al. NUF SAID! Thank heavens for Lester, he is a gentlemen and excellent anchor and reporter. Lets see more of him.

  • Alice

    Ann is the best. If she goes, I'll switch to GMA. Ann has does wonders for the show and traveled a lot for NBC and has done incredible stories. Don't let her leave. She is the bright stop on the show, not Matt Lauer.

  • cgriffith

    I agree- wonder about NBC putting all of their faith into him- really?

  • cgriffith

    Ann is a great reporter - has gone to many dangerous spots in the world to report from. Today show really isn't a news program anymore- too much fluff. Ann's talent can be better utilized somewhere else. As for her replacement, I don't care- when Ann leaves , I go to GMA!

  • Caley

    I would like to see Campbell Brown as a replacement. I think NBC needs to take in someone not with the network but from the outside. This would boost ratings.

  • James

    NBC would consider passing over Natalie, for Savannah??? Idiots!! Wake up!!


    I think Ann Curry is a great reporter so I am happynto hear she may stay in the role. NO to Savannah Guthrie! Natalie Morales is better qualified!

  • BettyBoop

    Ann Curry is great on that show! She can be serious one moment and then switch to cut up with her co-hosts. I love her! You can't replace her!

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Sad to see the forced smiles on the Women's faces, while Diva Matt Lauer looks like the world is about him. Ann Curry is a wonderful Lady, and will have a bright future in Journalism.

  • Carol

    If Ann Curry leaves, I probably will too! She is professional while being very personable and fair. I don't understand the thinking!