Charlie Sheen Accused of Trashing NYC Hotel Room, Rep Refutes Claim

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Charlie is off drugs, but he's still boozing.
While workers of the Ritz-Carlton are saying that Charlie Sheen trashed one of their hotel rooms, the Anger Management actor’s rep has commented to several sites, claiming that’s not the case.

“Charlie did not trash his hotel room. He checked in to room 2207 on Friday and checked out of room 2207 today,” Larry Solters said in a statement on Tuesday. “Charlie was not told that he is no longer welcome at the Ritz Carlton.”

Meanwhile, hotel sources have a different story.

“He totally trashed the hotel room!” a source told Us Weekly. “Escorts were seen coming and leaving. In the end, Charlie was told that he wasn’t welcome at another Ritz property ever again.”

The source added that Sheen switched rooms so to be away from his ex Denise Richards, 41, and their daughters, Sam, 8 and Lola, 3, who were with him in NYC.

Meanwhile, the big bosses at the Ritz-Carlton seem to be taking Sheen’s side. “I confirm that the hotel was in pristine condition on Friday, June 22 and remains so today Tuesday, June 26,” a hotel rep said in the statement to Us. “There has been no issue there. Mr. Sheen is absolutely welcome in any Ritz- Carlton hotel in the portfolio.”

This would be the second accusation that the former Two and a Half Men actor trashed a hotel room in NYC while with Richards and their daughters.

Back in 2010, Sheen was hospitalized after it was reported that a prostitute locked herself in his hotel room bathroom at the Plaza when she became afraid of him, as he was reportedly intoxicated and had trashed the suite.  He was asked to pay $7,000 in damages. It was at this time that the actor’s rep claimed Sheen had “an adverse allergic reaction to some medication.”

What do you think? Did Sheen trash the hotel room, or are the hotel workers making the whole thing up? State your case, below.

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