Kardashian, Jenner Girls' Best Bikini Looks (PHOTOS)

Celebuzz broke down Kim Kardashian's best bikini moments earlier this week -- and now we're taking a look at her super-sexy sisters!

Khloe Kardashian, 27, is well-known for rocking a two-piece, whether she's lounging by the pool with hubby Lamar Odom or hitting the beach at an exotic locale. And 33-year-old hot mama Kourtney may be pregnant with her second child,  but that doesn't mean she's too shy to don a bikini -- and still look lovely.

In addition to the fab Kardashian gals, their younger sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are bikini babes too.

Kendall, 16, and Kylie, 14, often share their two-piece pics via Instagram. Check them out below.

But bikinis aren't the only fashion statement the Kardashians are making this summer: Kourtney, for one, has been spotted in an array of chic maternity wear. The reality star is expecting a baby girl with partner Scott Disick any day.

For even more of their cute bikini looks, click through the gallery!

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  • meryshoe1

    Kendall is like a whale, and Kim is not much better. Look at this girl in bikini, that is bikini body - http://www.wearenotshy.com/index.php/beach-wear-bikini-microkini-monokini-tankini-accessories/microkinis-bikinis

  • chuckt

    If 15 gets you 20, I'll see you in 80 yrs

  • Elaine

    I love the kardashian's

  • Karla

    Te amo khloe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brelovenewyork

    i dont know i was just about to ask.

  • brelovenewyork

    i hate how people call khloe fat.

  • Lahcen Rakhaoui
    Lahcen Rakhaoui

    wow was a beautifull girls

  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha

    hot & sexy no doubt

  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha

    They r gorgeous no denying to that

  • Yobuddies

    Woooooooot woooooot

  • Yobuddies

    Back when they were in love... such a cute couple

  • theskinnyoncelebrities

    I think Khloe is super-cute, but I had to laugh a little seeing her pregnant photo. She's about ready to pop, poor girl! :) see my page for many celeb weight gain, loss, bikini pics!

  • Amanda

    I love Khloe, but in the above photo she's photo shopped. When you look at the photo of her on our left (right side of Kim) and compare it to the above photo with her on our right her leg is half the size. I think she's prettier with the thicker legs. Before everyone gets mad do your own comparison. There are a lot of people that see the same thing I am saying, So come one people how is America's image of what a beautiful women should look change, if everyone one gets mad when someone says and truthfully speaks that someone is photo shopped.

  • Michael Felton
    Michael Felton

    khloe is perfect

  • Marina

    Szépen lefogytott Khloe (Y) :)))

  • michelle

    Amen! ;) fuck it if its photoshopped and all 5hat shit.. they are gorgeous in reality anyway.. even if theyve had surgery done yo!

  • nn

    it's an old picture, you retards... it's not photoshopped. But here's an idea, how about u hit the gym and get in shape instead of hating on people who are. Not only are u out of shape but a hater too? yikes.

  • Jason N Krissy Frye
    Jason N Krissy Frye

    That is not Khloes body. It is her head. OR... This is a really old pic.

  • bibi

    luking @ kim's face alone is making it obvious.........it doesn't have 2 be a photoshoot b4 it cn be pohtoshopped

  • Emma Dullingham
    Emma Dullingham

    Is that a tattoo on Kylie's left side?

  • abiie

    khloe amo tu forma de ser :)

  • Jjj

    It's not a photoshoot so why would it be photoshopped? I swear people just search for things wrong with other people

  • Ter

    You are way too overdramatic, they are both models and have been on TV, everyones already seen them in a bikini and its not a big deal if you don't turn it into one.

  • GMartin

    Wow. You've sunk to a new low. It's bad enough Kris J exploits her young girls. Any celeb media outlet that posts bikini photos of Kendall and Kylie is just as bad.


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