Katy Perry: See Her ‘Part of Me’ Style (PHOTOS)

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Katy Perry is known for over-the-top style, and the pop superstar hasn’t disappointed as she makes the rounds promoting her new 3D movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me.

Celebuzz has gathered some of the best fashion moments from her Part of Me appearances — and the flick itself — so turn on your favorite Perry CD and view her fabulous looks in the photo gallery above!

Katy Perry: Part of Me hits theaters on July 5.

She told Celebuzz last night at her big premiere what the most rewarding and challenging part of this film was.

“The most rewarding experience was, and is, this — right now,” Perry, 27, told us. “To be able to have a better and more real connection with my audience.”

“The most challenging part is deciding to leave in all those shots where I look awful,” laughed Perry. “You know, no makeup.”

See more from Katy’s big premiere right here:

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