Paula Deen Drops 30 Pounds In Six Months, Check Out Other Suddenly Slim Celebs (PHOTOS)

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Paula Deen is shaping up and slimming down.

The Food Network chef, who revealed earlier this year that she's suffering from Type 2 diabetes, tells People magazine that she's lost 30 pounds in six months -- and is still counting.

"I do think differently now," Deen says. "I'm more aware."

How did the Southern gal do it?

The 65-year-old traded in the fatty dishes that made her famous for Greek salads and baked fish.

"It took me a couple of years to get to this point. If you make a few small changes, they can add up to big results," she says.

Deen went public with her diabetes struggle in January of this year, but endured a public backlash when it was revealed that she'd been diagnosed with the disease three years earlier.

Deen isn't the only celeb to shed some pounds. Click the pics to see other suddenly slim celebrities.

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  • a4718443

    I’ve said that least 4718443 times. SKC was here...

  • rrs

    I also think that she does need to put some weight on,she is way too thin, and maybe she can get a decent pair of Boobs,along with a thicker body,she does look awful, and yes Eddie will also cheat on her as well, like they say ,what comes around goes around,so there, home wrecker woman............!

  • rrs

    I am going to write in english,so u can understand me, she does look a whole lot better than ,all of that junk in the trunk,that she was carrying around ,so keep up the good work kristi ,...............

  • rrs

    come on now she does look great,and lets not be a hater, she is not really bad looking either,shes cute,she does look like her parents,with both of theyre looks too. she has changed so much, she is a role model for most of the younger generation, she cleaned up her life,just a great young woman. yeah kelli...........

  • rrs

    He does look a whole lot better without his big gut,hanging over, he is a funny actor though..!

  • rrs

    I think she looks terrific, she has those curves,that will knock u over. very pretty girl. go girl!!!!!!!!!!

  • rrs

    She looks a little bit better,just toned up more though, she does dress a little scraggy though,as always, just a plain jane type of girl i guess.................

  • rrs

    Yea, she does look great,and alot cuter than she did before,she lost that baby face also with the weight loss too! I think that she looks really good, go Girl, u got it!!

  • rrs

    About time he got rid of that jelly belly now he looks decent, just get rid of that bushy beard, its too much...............

  • rrs

    Ah come on people u knoe she lookss like a dark hershey bar, isnt she cute,as a button?? LOL!!!!!

  • a8505580

    I’ve said that least 8505580 times. SKC was here...

  • gruber

    She looks way better than before. She has reached her potential.

  • Katja Nyquist
    Katja Nyquist

    She look fantastic!! <3


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