‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pros Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: We're Officially Dating (EXCLUSIVE)

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Melissa On Maksim
Melissa Gilbert dish about her 'DWTS' partner. Read More »

It's official: Dancing With The Stars pros Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are no longer fox-trotting around their relationship status -- confirming to Celebuzz they're offically an item.

“There is nothing I don’t like (about him),” Australian dancer Murgatroyd, 30, gushed at the Australians in Film Breakthrough Awards in Los Angeles, Calif., on Wednesday night.

"We get each other insanities," Chmerkovskiy, 32, retorted.

It's the first confirmation from the pair of their relationship status after being snapped mid-smooch on the dance floor of the XS nightclub in Las Vegas in May.

The Ukrainian heartthrob, who danced with celebrity partner, actress Melissa Gilbert on the last series -- said there were countless things that he admired about Murgatroyd.

“There is a big list,” Chmerkovskiy added. “But I think just genuiness is probably the first thing that comes into my mind. Especially in this environment -- that is a great trend.”

The last season of Dancing With The Stars was certainly good for Murgatroyd -- she not only walked away with a new man but also won the mirror ball trophy with her partner, footballer Donald Driver.

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Do you think these to have found love in a dancing place? Sound off below.



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  • christineh2@ejourney.com

    A Great Couple! Shes a doll, and he seems happy! End of Story....

  • Ellie

    Thx Cookie2012 Hopefully Peta can convince Maks to love again because I think he might be a bit too burned from Karina story... I think he doesnt have the guts to really loose himself in a woman... once bitten twice shy... but I hope Peta is woman enough to change his mind... although I don't think a woman in entertainment is what Maks really needs... I think he needs someone more like his mother... home maker and down to earth... he needs a woman who is satisfied with being home with the kids and not being on the road as much as he is... not good for the kids... who is gonna look after them??? Grandma or a Nanny??? Seriously doubt a man's man like Maks will accept that in the long run... Think the futured Mrs Maks is gonna work in the local convenient store or somethng and not in entertainment... my 2 cents anyway...

  • cookie2012

    Ellie I do agree with you Peta loves Max but am also not sure he feels the same in the pics with Karina you could see he truly loved her but with Peta it seems he his just going with the flow seems more like friends and one having a major crush on the other. I do wish them well I like Peta and Max as well. Peace and Blessings to you both.

  • Ellie

    I think Peta might love him by the way she looks at him all the time but I don't know about him loving her... he is way colder against her than he was with Karina... and he DID love Karina... on every pic it looks like he rather be a mile away from her... I pray its for real but my gut say differently

  • Stacy

    Maks moonies want to believe he is happy. They all live in a fantasy world. Peta is a slore and Maks is looking for attention. He is dying to win the MBT and will do and say anything to get it. Even fake a romance with Peta.

  • Dorothy Holland
    Dorothy Holland

    I never said if I was a friend or just a fan. I just feel bad that people are so negative about everything that happens in his life. He's said a million times not to read this stuff and not to take it seriously! But, sometimes I do anyway. By the way, friend. I will not respond to any further comments.

  • Fan

    You sound more like a fan instead of a friend. I doubt anyone who knows Maks has time to go around defending him on blogs. If anyone can defend themselves, it's Maks. You seem more upset by the rumors than they do.

  • jleam

    Have a really bad feeling about this one. Hope going forward Maks has his eyes open wide.

  • Betty

    This is a guy who faked a romance with Erin Andrews so people would vote for them so he could finally win a mirrorball and went on the Ukrainian Bachelor looking for a wife while he was dating Joni Kilmurry who he took on vacation in the middle of filming. Maks is one to talk about genuine.

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M

    People have the right to leave their opinions on these blogs, even if you don't agree with them. The best thing for you to do is ignore these comments and move on. You shouldn't let comments from people you don't know bother you this bad.

  • Mrs B
    Mrs B

    Jess, Kris, Robyn..Louise. Do you even know Peta or Maks or spread rumors. I am close to all of those you mention and 1st hand know the facts. Unless any of you ARE actully famiy or close friend with them, DONT spread BS comments and rumors! You get back in life what you put out there! Pray for your hateful souls

  • afrika

    Peta is hot, shes aint no hooker, alright? theyre happy together, dont trash their romance, k bebe? everyone has the right to be happy.

  • Jess

    Dorothy, Maks and Peta will do anything for fame. They put their business out there for people to comment on. It's ok for Peta to have the hots for Maks, but not while dating his friend for six years. I like Maks, but he's better known for stuff like this instead of his dancing.

  • Beth

    They're a cute couple. Good for them. :)

  • Dadie

    stll sad and wish Maks could make HOPE SOLO that happy instead of that smoker/hooker-like Peta

  • Dorothy Holland
    Dorothy Holland

    How cynical can people get? How do you know she cheated on Damian? Were you there? Maybe they were getting ready to part anyway. Before you make statements about what is going on in people's lives, Let live and be happy for them both. If Peta had the hots for Maks... who can blame her? What ever happens in their life----IS THEIR BUSINESS! i JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY!

  • afrika

    Peta is Australian hottie, love that chickk.

  • Kris

    Genuine? A woman who cheated on her long time boyfriend, Maks's friend Damian Whitewood, with Maks and made sure she had Maks hooked before dumping Damian? LOL. That's funny.

  • Robyn

    Genuine? LMAO.

  • Joanne

    The biotech cheated on her boyfriend of 5 years while having the hots for Maks. Cheater Cheater.

  • Louise

    Genuine???? Did they ask Damain how genuine Peta really is????