‘Awkward’ Star Ashley Rickards: ‘The Love Triangle Is Still Definitely in Play’

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When MTV’s critically acclaimed series, Awkward, returns for its sophomore season on Thursday, fans are going to find Jenna’s life hasn’t gotten any easier.

Sure, she ended up picking Jake (Brett Davern) over Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and found out her mother was the one behind the socially crippling “care-frontation” letter. But, those two things just create more obstacles for the show’s heroine.

“This season has been more dramatic,” Ashley Rickards, who plays Jenna, tells Celebuzz.

What’s the fallout for Jenna on Season 2?

“The relationship between Jenna and her mother all changes,” she continues. “A lot of stuff happens and new secrets and old secrets are being kept more than ever. And you just see Jenna trying to follow what she thinks is logically right and struggling with the difference between what her head is telling her and what her heart is telling her.”

Rickards says Jenna has to wrap her head around the fact that her mother was behind the scathing letter that sent her spiraling on the show’s freshman season. And the situation may involve others in her life.

“I don’t think that is anything that anyone could solve with any sort of quick fix, it takes time,” the 20-year-old explains. “There’s a lot of things that she is going to have to internalize and figure out how to handle appropriately. And then there’s the peripheral damage of the other people who were loosely involved.”

As if the letter drama wasn’t enough, Matty doesn’t take Jenna choosing his best friend over him lying down. In fact, he seems to have seen the error of his ways and comes at her even stronger.

“She’s feeling this one thing for one guy that she had something with that’s amazing and chemical,” Rickards explains. “Then, she’s discovering all these new amazing things with this wonderful person who’s treating her right and she’s in a healthy relationship. Team Matty fans should not be apprehensive whatsoever, because the love triangle is still definitely in play in a whole new light with higher stakes and with more drama, and Jenna needs to figure it out.”

Awkward returns Thursday, June 28 at 10:30 PM on MTV.

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