Charlie Sheen's FX Sitcom 'Anger Management': Reviews Say He's Not Winning

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The reviews are in for Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom Anger Management -- and the TV veteran isn’t winning.

On the FX show, the former Two and a Half Men star plays former baseball player Charlie Goodson. In a fit of rage during a game, Goodson once tried to break a bat across his leg and effectively injured his knee.

Anger issues…get it?

Goodson is now an anger-management therapist who is under the care of of another therapist -- and he just happens to be sleeping with her.

The premise sounds ripe for some raucous laughs – but apparently doesn’t deliver them.

According to the New York Times, the sitcom  “makes The Bob Newhart Show seem daring…The plot seems to owe more to karma than clever scriptwriting. It could just as easily be titled One and a Half Men.”

But the worst is yet to come, courtesy of  the Boston Globe's Sarah Rodman.

“If the series was actually a disaster, that might at least be captivating, but as is, Anger Management is just an average sitcom with a few good laugh lines here and there that could star any middle-age actor,” says Rodman. “Unless you’re a Sheen loyalist, there is no light at the end of the Anger Management tunnel, it’s only a train. We recommend getting out of the way.”

Luckily for Sheen, some reviewers have found a few bright spots in Anger Management.

Says the Associated Press' Frazier Moore:  “The writing has its bright moments, and the supporting cast proves serviceable. In short, Anger Management displays a bit of heart… [it’s] an OK, if slight, sitcom with a big star at its center.”

Anger Management premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET on F/X.

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  • Cindy McCarrick
    Cindy McCarrick

    Did not think i would watch this, but my sister said it was really funny so i taped the first two episodes.It is a very good show! And i really enjoyed it and i am not a Charlie Sheen fan but he really pulled this show off.

  • Nunzia Menza
    Nunzia Menza

    The show was ok but the fake laughing in the background drove us nuts. We had to change channels. Charlie and the women who played his ex were good but the other actors stunk. Lose the fake laughing after every joke, it's annoying and drowns out the next line.

  • Lucy

    I will watch by myself, critics are so biased concerning Sheen that i don't trust their 'judgment' at all..


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