Enrique Iglesias Wants Jennifer Lopez to Judge His Singing, ‘American Idol’ Style

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This summer is going to be huge for music fans as Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias set off on their first dual tour together.

Celebuzz talked to the superstars about the show during a conference call, during which they admitted they still don’t know who will open and who will close the big event.

“I think Enrique should close,” Lopez, 42, said. “I’ll go first, I’ll be home in time to put the babies to bed.”

Iglesias, 36, said it doesn’t matter as long as he can be in the audience to watch J.Lo perform.

He added that he’d happily let the American Idol judge critique his singing anytime.

“She can do that,” he replied when asked if he’d want her honest feedback. “She does a great job, so I wouldn’t care.”

The two also talked about performing together during the concert. “We will do something together on stage,” Iglesias teased.

“We’ve been working on a few things for past couple months,” Lopez added. “We’ve been talking about it for a year.”

Lopez and Iglesias, who will kick start the tour in Montreal, Canada on July 14, both said they still have to get together first to figure out exactly what they’re going to do on stage together.

“You can do one of my routines,” Lopez joked.

“I can actually bust a move!” Iglesias shot back with a laugh.

When Celebuzz asked which of her songs is his favorite, he replied in a far more serious tone, saying, “I would probably have to say the first one that I heard from her, which was ‘If You Had My Love.’ It was a very significant time for Hispanic artists. I remember it perfectly. I remember hearing that song and it just made total sense and was so perfect. You just felt it and knew that it was going to be huge. She has many, but that’s the one that, if I was to listen to her catalog, it would be the first one I would turn on.”

In return, Lopez chose her favorite Iglesias track.

“I would have to say the one that sticks in my head the most is ‘Bailamos.’ It’s a very iconic moment for him. I love ‘Hero’ too, there are so many — its those moments that stick in your head, those people become part of pop culture. You watch him, the girls falling over, him crying on stage. ‘Bailamos’ is the one that really sticks in my head.”

The two also talked about how they prepare to go on stage, and their pre-performance routine couldn’t be more different. While J.Lo said she’s usually busy in hair and makeup, Iglesias revealed he prefers some alone time — so he can have a drink!

“I just like to be by myself in my dressing room and drink rum,” he said. “It gets rid of the nerves.”

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