Hayden Panettiere Gets Crazy With Rainbow Hair (PHOTOS)

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Heroes star Hayden Panettiere has debuted a new look, tweeting photos of her new rainbow ‘do.

Promoting the Hollywood-based jewelry collection, Chain Gang LA, the 22-year-old actress flaunts her dramatic tresses while showing some skin and biting a bold, metal necklace.

Panettiere definitely gained approval from her fans, one of which responded by commenting…

‘U are totally crazy girl! Hahahah look at your hair!!  Love you.’

Like many of us, she probably wishes she was BFF with the cute actress who quoted ‘Me and my BF Allie finally getting some play time’ as the caption to one of the images she posted to her twitter account.

Panettiere isn’t shy to show off her other assets either, as she poses in a busty shirt and gives a glimpse of her toned abs.

What do you think of Hayden’s new hairstyle- does she kill it?  Leave us a comment below and check out our gallery featuring other celebrities who have showed off their colorful side.