Jessica Simpson: 'Weight Watchers Hasn't Pressured Me to Lose Weight'

Jessica Reveals Cleavage
The new mom posts a sexy photo. Read More »

Jessica Simpson is taking her time trimming down to fit back into her daisy dukes.

The Fashion Star judge, who gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson almost two months ago, took to Twitter on Wednesday night to refute suggestion she is “stressed and overwhelmed” by the $4 million deal she signed with Weight Watchers to shed 50 pounds in five months.

The fashion mogul, 31, has been hard at work, though: She's been snapped hitting a private gym in Los Angeles over the past few weeks with trainer-to-the-stars Harley Pasternak -- and also posted a photo of herself on a walk around the block last weekend, flaunting some major cleavage.

How's the first-time mama enjoying her new baby?

She has boasted about the joys of motherhood, tweeting:

“I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I’ve ever experienced.”

See more of baby Maxwell in the video below.

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  • Amy Moreno Calderon
    Amy Moreno Calderon

    She started getting thick here.

  • Kate

    She does look so cute here!

  • Kate

    This was right after her and Nick got divorced so she was probably eating less or something.

  • Syrup

    She probably got tired of starving herself!

  • LS

    I heard her boobs are natural, but they have sure gotten larger since this photo taken in 2000! WTH???!!!

  • Catherine

    :O i din't know she was anorexic then

  • courtneybaaaby

    she looks so cute

  • Kirstie fan
    Kirstie fan

    I do remember "Fat Actress" , cheers. I hope Kirstie is getting treatment for her goiter. In no time her neck will be back to normal size.

  • afrika

    wtf are you on about, where is there a photo of Kirstie Alley on this page? idiot.

  • cheers

    Wow look at the size of that goiter on Kirstie Alley's neck. Remember when Kirstie was on that show "Fat Actress"?

  • afrika

    oh hey look, its Mitt pretending to be someone else. how are you, you heartless bully?

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson is a big fat pig just like Courtney.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    she can't start the program right away anyway because she's breastfeeding and you need 300-500 extra calories a day while your nursing for milk production plus those deals are are at least two years. it's the entertainment industry that's preasuring her to lose the weight quickly it took her 9 months to gain it so it should take at least that long to lose it