‘Magic Mike’ Star Channing Tatum Ventures Into The Wild (VIDEO)

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After shooting his male exotic-dancing movie Magic Mike, Channing Tatum escaped Hollywood with a pack of pals — and went into the wild!

“We went to Guyana…and decided to go with two Indians out to the middle of the rain forest and see how long we could last,” the 32-year-old said on The Late Show with David Letterman. “We just wanted to get away. We felt like if the world ever comes to an end, we would not know what to do in the wild.”

So did his South American adventure make Tatum more nature savvy?

“It really makes you understand what you do not need on a daily basis,” he said. “We had a hatchet, a hammock, sleeping in the trees… It was truly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done.”

But it’s true what they say — it really is a jungle out there.

“You think it’s going to be quiet and beautiful cause you’re so far out in the middle of nowhere, but it’s the loudest place,” Tatum said. “It’s louder than New York. You’re just like curled up in your hammock and like, ‘Oh God.’”

Tatum and his travel buddies did their best to stay out of harm’s way.

“[We were as] safe as you can be when there are things that can kill you everywhere,” Tatum explained. “The biggest threat was actually falling trees, believe it or not. But [scarier] than that was knowing that a snake could be curled up under your hammock when you get up to pee in the middle of the night. Because you will literally apparently put your feet down and a snake is right there. And everything starts looking like snakes.”

After coming back alive and kickin’, Tatum learned a good life lesson.

“Don’t drink too much rum,” he quipped. “Going down the river, man…we gotta have a little booze. You take the essentials.”

Bottoms up, Channing!