Rodney King to be Buried In Casket Inscribed With Famous Race Riot Plea (EXCLUSIVE)

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Rodney King will rest for all eternity with the phrase he made famous during the 1992 Los Angeles riots — “Can we all get along?”

Celebuzz has learned the inside back panel of King’s casket will be inscribed with the words he uttered during a press conference after four Los Angeles police officers were acquitted for the bruising beating they committed on him in March ’91, a verdict that sparked one of the most destructive race riots in history.

“Rodney’s daughters thought it would be a touching tribute for their much loved father,” a source said.

King — who drowned in a backyard swimming pool at his Rialto, Calif. home on June 17 — will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills on Saturday.

The Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be attending the public memorial for King at the Hall of Liberty, before the Celebrity Rehab alumn is buried in a private service.

“Rodney’s death creates a great measure of sadness,” Jackson said in a statement after King’s death.

“He had become a fixture in our lives through both the tragedy and triumphs of his life.”

It’s been reported King’s fiancée won’t be invited to his funeral — because his family thinks she may have been involved in his untimely death.

Cynthia Kelley frantically called 911 Sunday week ago at 5 a.m. to report that King was lying at the bottom of their pool unconscious.

King’s family is skeptical of his fiancée’s story and even though cops have ruled out foul play, they reportedly suspect something sinister occurred.

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